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I am interested in going the DIY route. I am thinking in the $500.00 range and am wondering if there are any decent kits out there that include the enclosure. I have read lots about the drivers and amps to use, but it seems that most people build their enclosures. I don't have the time or equipment (currently) to build my own enclosure.

What are some good kits out there? It is for a room that is about 2000 cubic feet that opens into the kitchen, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any input.
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I know eD can design and CNC out every peice for an enclosure, then mail out the unassymbled enclosure to you. It's a tad expensive (I was quoted 120.00 for my 10ft enclosure I designed for my SDX-15) in comparison to just buying the MDF and doing it yourself. However, it's cheaper than buying the power equipment and doing it yourself.

Another option would be to contact a local cabinet making, or other woodworking company and see if they can help you out. You'd likely have to design the enclosure and cut sheet yourself. They'll take your cut sheet, and give you a stack of wood (just like eD) for you to glue together at home. You may also be able to pay them more and have them glue it together for you, who knows.

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Instead of a woodworking shop, head to a car audio custom installer. They can fabricate the whole thing to your specs, and you just pick up the finished product.
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Parts Express sells sub boxes. I'd guess the 2 ft^3 box would work well for a 12" sealed Rhythmik kit.

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In fact, here is a link to a thread comparing the Rythmik 12" kit in a Parts Express 2.0 cu. ft. box to a Velodyne HGS-12.

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