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Steve Crowe's Avatar Steve Crowe 06:24 AM 03-22-2012
Buffalo Bills' Mario Williams Shows Off Home Theater
By Steven Castle
DPI Titan projector and 138-inch screen set the stage in this pass rusher's high-grade entertainment room.

This year Mario Williams signed a $100-million megadeal with the NFL's Buffalo Bills, so it makes sense that the star defensive end would go all out when it came to designing his home theater.

The custom electronics (CE) pros at Audio Advice in Raleigh, N.C., had the luxury of incorporating the equipment into a partially finished space in the basement of Williams' 11,000-square-foot Raleigh home.

The drywall was already up in the room that would serve as the theater, but areas behind those walls were unfinished. These open spaces allowed Audio Advice to fish Transparent Audio HDMI cabling and other wiring to the high-grade equipment chosen to suit both the room design and Williams' entertainment tastes.

The DPI Titan was the ideal choice of projector for this 24-foot-long room, says Audio Advice's Randy Cribb, due to its ability to throw images long distances. To maintain the clean aesthetic of the room design, Audio Advice mounted the projector on the other side of the back wall, which meant images would need to travel even farther than 24 feet.

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JustBusiness's Avatar JustBusiness 10:08 AM 03-22-2012
His soon to be for sale house? Go Bills. Can't wait to see what he'll build in Buffalo.
Beantown Bronco's Avatar Beantown Bronco 10:21 AM 03-22-2012
Why would he sell it? It's not in Texas, where he used to play....so he's going to have to travel to this place in the offseason regardless. Just looked it up and Houston is actually twice as far away from this house as Buffalo is.
jandawil's Avatar jandawil 09:37 AM 03-23-2012
Nice...one of the more impressive celebrity HT's I've seen on EH's website. They're usually rubbish. Wish it gave more specifics on the audio though...isn't that half of the HT experience??
alexsquared's Avatar alexsquared 11:47 AM 03-23-2012
Weird. Multiple kaleidescape units, a Crestron control system...but then an RTI T2C remote? After spending all that $, including putting in the control system, I can't understand why the cheap remote to tie it together?
Reddig's Avatar Reddig 08:04 PM 03-27-2012
I agree one of the better celeb HTs from that site.
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