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Old Boat Turned into Unique Bar

A banged-up 25-foot motor boat is rebuilt and reborn as a game room's built-in bar.

Any room that sports a 25-foot boat that functions as a bar automatically grabs our attention and warrants seriousand some not-so-seriousconsideration. You say the bar/boat is fully stocked and the bartender actually stands inside while seated guests gather around the port-side attached bar? We're listening. And that a faux-paint specialist added waves breaking below? Very cool. Although we have to say, it does seem somewhat peculiar.

Oh, and the Chris-Craft wooden racing boat was actually sawed in half, lengthwise, to get it into the room, then rebuilt and finished? Now we have to investigate this, if only to ask the pertinent question: Why?

We vacation in Lake Tahoe in the summer, and the home we stay in has the very same thing, says the lady of the house. This was an older Chris-Craft woodie' from the 1950s. The boat was in pretty rough shape, having been through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We also chopped off four feet from the end of the boat, she adds.

For more on this unique installation, as well as an equipment list, check out http://www.electronichouse.com/artic...to_unique_bar/
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