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PMR's Avatar PMR 06:48 PM 04-18-2012
Here are some pictures of my outdoor screen made from the screen of a Gemmy blow up.Attachment 243917

Attachment 243918

Cool Face's Avatar Cool Face 01:50 PM 05-03-2012
very nice! the 2 sides in the buckets... are they going into a set concrete form? is this a permanent setup? how long is the setup time?
PMR's Avatar PMR 12:49 PM 05-06-2012
Yes the pvc posts are set in concrete and the right and left supports just slide on them with a coupler. I take it down which only takes about 10 minutes and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to put up. The ends screw into the left and right supports and the other ends slide into the center support and I use stainless steel bolts and wingnuts that slide through holes I drilled that hold them together.
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