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Gpugh's Avatar Gpugh 07:41 AM 05-03-2012
As anyone projected out as far as a 16 foot by 9 foot screen using the AR 100U projector outdoors?

Cool Face's Avatar Cool Face 01:45 PM 05-03-2012
not i. however the panasonic pt-ar100u is a fairly new projector. and it has 2800 lumens! a 9'x16' screen is not a problem for this projector! i used's projector calculator:

and for a 9'x16' projected image, you'd need to have the projector about 28.5' away from your projection material. it is recommended you increase the brightness, but thats what it said for my projectors' distance. im getting a great image on defaults! i am using a BOC (black out cloth) projection material though. its one of the cheaper materials that reflects the most image back.
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