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GSomething's Avatar GSomething 01:37 PM 09-04-2012
Hello world!

I'm planning an event coming up and I was thinking of suspending a projector (safely) above the pool and projecting images into it. Would this work?? Has anybody tried this? Would there be double images (one on the surface of the water and one on the bottom of the pool)? And if so, would it be distracting or kind of a cool effect? Thanks in advance!!

slvrathlon's Avatar slvrathlon 09:27 AM 09-05-2012
While I have no idea if it would work, I love the idea and would think if you could get it to work... it would be a very cool effect. Cheers
etk29321's Avatar etk29321 09:00 AM 09-06-2012
The surface of the water would act as a giant lens. The only way I see you getting any kind of image on the bottom is if the pool is perfectly still. Otherwise, any waves or splashes will scatter the light and leave you with a blurry mess. There would be a double image, but its hard to say how strong each will be. My guess is expect to loose atleast have your lumens if not a lot more to the sufrace reflection.
jonsarg's Avatar jonsarg 10:43 PM 09-24-2012
This is a really cool idea, and I hope you can figure out a way to make it work! A word of caution: I was once at an aqau show where equipment was strung up on wires. One of the swimmers hit the wire and was seriously injured. Make sure any wires are high up and out of the way so that people don't trip or bang into anything.
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