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wvuman123's Avatar wvuman123 08:15 PM 03-10-2013
So here is my problem,

I want to put two out door speakers by my pool. The pool is pretty far from my house. I have a 5.1 channel receiver inside that has b speaker ports. The thing is its in the front of the house and there is no way to run the speaker wire through the house outside all the way to the pool. I have a old 2.1 receiver that I don't use.

Is there any cabinets or anything that I can house this in by the pool? Something that i guess us waterproof that speaker wires could go in. maybe cut a hole on the bottom for wires and power cord. There are power outlets out there. I would want to leave it all summer long but would take it in in the winter.


tlogan6797's Avatar tlogan6797 12:45 PM 03-11-2013
I found this a a couple of seasons ago. I found it at Target in the outdoor section. It's actually a small garden shed. I cut a couple of holes for wires. I leave it out all winter but I take the equipment in. Every spring before using I wash and hose it down, let it dry and set everything back up. It's been through HEAVY rain and the equipment has been fine.

Cabinet closed.....

Cabinet open....

Ignore the wood on top. It's only there becasue at the time my young Lab would drag it up on the deck and gnaw on it. And in the open shot, that's the subwoofer in the bottom shelf I store it there when not using it.