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kooma's Avatar kooma 04:16 PM 03-24-2014
Hello all, hoping to get any advice on my new setup for a new backyard. I have zero audio knowledge outside of hooking up the audio left and right RCA cables lol. Really hope someone could look at this setup and give me some direction.


I will have one Sonos AMP ( located in my backyard shed hard wired to my home network. Two 80-SM rock speakers ( will be run direct burial cable to the Sonos AMP.

First question from my reading is on speaker cable (note cost is not a factor - looking for the best solution):

- Runs will likely be 50 - 100ft max. Maybe in the 50ft run each? locations TBD see last question.

What guage wire.? Should I be using 12 AWG? to error on the side of length - not sure if going 12 AWG for shorter runs does any harm or no?

The Rock speaker has for hook up 2 cables. Each cable has a black/red inside of it. I presume this is for the L+R per speaker.

Next question will be on actual cable runs to each speaker?
Do I run 1 pull of 1cable to each speaker or do I have to run 2 cables per speaker?

Then lastly what would everyone's option be for speak locations and should I run them as
One speaker - LEFT
One speaker - RIGHT


Each speaker in stero L+R each?

mskirsh's Avatar mskirsh 08:56 AM 07-25-2014
How do the Speakers sounds?