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rentonhd's Avatar rentonhd
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11-08-2006 | Posts: 16
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Well hi - I'm a newbie to post here but long time reader .

I've done well over 30 nights of outdoor theater. I even have a spare receiver and speakers.

I use a pro Stewart screen that I rent for $150 for the weekend , it's front or rear projection and 20ft 4:3 diag with my HP xp8020 .

I rent from AVpro is downtown seattle ... really nice guys
warrenP's Avatar warrenP
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11-09-2006 | Posts: 1,800
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Welcome! Whats the weather like there?
tlogan6797's Avatar tlogan6797
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11-09-2006 | Posts: 4,840
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rentonhd -

Am I reading that right? You've done 30 movie nights and rent a screen for $150 each time? That's $4,500.00! I built my screen for about $100. There are TONS of ways to build a screen using different types of cloth, and even with buying actual screen fabric, that cost less than 4,500 dollars. You could easily buy that screen AND the support system for less than that. No wonder they're nice guys. I don't mean to rain on your prarade, but that screen is not even that big. Search these threads and head over here

for info on MANY ways to easily build your own outdoor screen.

victor-eyd's Avatar victor-eyd
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11-09-2006 | Posts: 2,172
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Maybe its the way the photo was taken but it doesn't seem to look 20ft diagonal but regardless, I would have a bought a gemmy 149" for the 1st weekend and spent the rest for a week in Hawaii :-)

tlogan6797's Avatar tlogan6797
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11-09-2006 | Posts: 4,840
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..or all six to Disney World for a week!

The way I figure it, it would have to be 16X12 to be 4:3 and 20' diag. I don't think it looks that big either, but could be the camera angle.

Picture looks pretty good, though. I'm guessing the flash probably washed it out. Happens to me all the time, which is why I end up not posting pictures that often.

jsloyer's Avatar jsloyer
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11-15-2006 | Posts: 133
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For that weekend price, I hope 25 of those 30 shows were X rated and you charged admission??!!
gadgetguru1's Avatar gadgetguru1
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11-27-2006 | Posts: 11
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You could have bought two of the ones in Frontgate and they include a projector, speakers and the Sima 144" inflatable screen which looks really great in the catalog...
Nachosgrande's Avatar Nachosgrande
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11-27-2006 | Posts: 493
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Does the theater have a tent or screened area to keep out rain?
Beeswax's Avatar Beeswax
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11-28-2006 | Posts: 52
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well i like it, i think its nice ! lol
KMac's Avatar KMac
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12-03-2006 | Posts: 34
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Nice setup, but you might want to purchace a screen and save a few bucks. Get a Gemmy! ($189).Enjoy!
joerod's Avatar joerod
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12-12-2006 | Posts: 22,155
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I would install large umbrellas given your location... :)
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