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warrenP's Avatar warrenP 06:21 PM 01-28-2007
Hey folks,

I can't recall, but I thought we had talked about buried subs here. I'm doing some research into these now, as this is something I'm looking into for this season.

Anyone have experience with the buried subs? Know of good links? I found general stuff through Google, but wondered if anyone here used these, or knew of some good ones.


Big E 46's Avatar Big E 46 05:59 AM 01-29-2007
I have never heard this sub but i have seen it for sell its a TIC GS-50
apatel's Avatar apatel 05:15 PM 02-28-2007
I'm doing a similar search. The "top" buried subs I've found so far are from Boston Acoustics and James Loudspeakers. I heard the setup from James at CEDIA and they sounded exceptionally good, but given their price I would hope so (about $5k with 7 satellites and one large buried sub). I may try the James this spring.
Nitrous Audio's Avatar Nitrous Audio 11:03 PM 03-26-2007
How muffled is the thump of a buried sub? cant seem to picture this.
warrenP's Avatar warrenP 09:04 AM 03-27-2007
Originally Posted by Nitrous Audio View Post

How muffled is the thump of a buried sub? cant seem to picture this.

The whole thing isn't buried, just the "big box" part. Where the sub/LFE-audio would exit from the sub is at or above ground.

As far as my search, nothing yet. I might spend my time this season burying conduit and wires, and such... we shall see.