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adamsburgess's Avatar adamsburgess 05:39 AM 08-14-2009
Originally Posted by SOWK View Post


The specification in IEC 61966-2-1 states that the white should be assumed to have a luminance of 80cd/m2 and defines other viewing conditions that have led to the conclusion in ISO 22028-1 that a reference black would have a luminance of 1 cd/m2.

Thats only 80:1 contrast... ouch!

Yes, not great for the cinema experience...but perhaps not too bad for web publishing. Anyway perhaps therein lies a clue...calibrate a CRT to that luminance range and I guess it might at least be closer on average to 2.2 than when going for say 120cd/m2. Those of you with CRTs care to try that hypothesis. It still seems to me though either way CRT gamma in the "mid range" appears to be around 2.25-2.35 given the test results presented so far.

adamsburgess's Avatar adamsburgess 05:47 AM 08-14-2009
Originally Posted by racerxnet View Post

3 LUT files to load into MadVR would accomplish this on the PC.. No?


But there is no PC in the more general situation I am considering...the general idea that we don't know the content author's display gamma but we reckon it might be between 2.2-2.6 in most cases (from content that was sRGB, Rec.709, or SMPTE C, EBU, DCI originated), but we could at least quickly flick between say 3 different calibrations would at least make it easy to choose the most pleasing at that time and for the viewing conditions. Without this the compromise is a relatively large one IMO.
ilias's Avatar ilias 10:12 AM 08-14-2009
I have 1.70 in my DVDO VP30, on G70!
adamsburgess's Avatar adamsburgess 02:11 PM 08-14-2009
Originally Posted by ilias View Post

I have 1.70 in my DVDO VP30, on G70!

Sorry, what does that mean...I know what is a DVDO VP30 but no idea what the sentence means.
Fredrik's Avatar Fredrik 11:53 AM 08-15-2009
Originally Posted by Mark_A_W View Post


You can either:

- Use your display driver's or Powerstrip's Gamma controls (but if you use Powerstrip you must stick to a linear gamma curve or it causes banding)

- Use VideoEqualizer, an application posted here in the HTPC section. This allows you to tweak the curve however you like.

- Soon, we will hopefully get closed loop gamma based on measurements using a 3D LUT file in madVR video renderer.

But note, for all of these solutions to work on a PC, you must crack the disc with AnyDVD HD and playback with MPC-HC, or convert to MKV files and use MPC-HC or Zoomplayer. And playback with a video renderer other than overlay. madVR is the best renderer.

Commercial players such as PowersuckyDVD or Arcsuck TMT use the video overlay (due to the copy protections) and you won't get a working gamma control (at least not on Vista with an ATi card).

I rip the blu-ray's to mkv so yes I'm using AnyDVDHD, ZP etc.
Have you any experience with the "levels" function in FFDSHOW, you can set that to curve.
But the real question was how to know where to place the "points" on the gamma curve.
Or is it the tedious ittirative method of adjust/check/adjust ?
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