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edmarsh's Avatar edmarsh 06:05 AM 12-14-2010
Can anyone help me find a technician who can remove a nagging horizontal line that runs up my screen? It starts at the bottom, goes to the top, and continues over and over. It looks to be a blue/green line, maybe 1 pixel wide.

Or give me some tips on how I might tweak this thing to get rid of it.

Thank you,

Ed Marshall
Copley, OH

Curt Palme's Avatar Curt Palme 07:40 AM 12-14-2010
Wrong forum, but it sounds like you have a ground loop. You need a ground isolator for your cable/satellite system most likely, you can find those on ebay for cheap.
lewis's Avatar lewis 02:22 PM 12-15-2010
Wow, I'm pretty amazed there are 400's out there still. My first proper HT pj was a W400 back in the late '90's. Nice little unit back then.
nashou66's Avatar nashou66 04:16 PM 12-15-2010
Mine is still up on the Ceiling in my theater, 20 feet back while my 2 Marquee 8500's are about 7 feet from the same size screen.

I dont even know if it still works .

edmarsh's Avatar edmarsh 01:01 PM 12-26-2010
What's the proper forum for this post? I haven't been on this forum in almost 8 years1

thanks again, I'll check out the grounding you mentioned.

ed marshall
akron, oh