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splnut's Avatar splnut 10:27 PM 08-17-2011
I think this might be my first post but I figured someone here would be able to help. I found a Dwin HD700 for sale locally for $50. It has a mount, remote and a video cable. I haven't been over to see if yet but just wondering if this would be even worth picking up. I know its old but if I can get 720p from it I would be happy. It doesn't have a transcanner would I need it if content is 720p straight from a computer?

Thanks for any input for a new guy.

Curt Palme's Avatar Curt Palme 08:14 AM 08-18-2011
As long as the tubes are in good shape, it's a good little set. With a negative sync output setting, you can run 1024 X768 right into the projector from the computer.
cramps's Avatar cramps 08:55 PM 08-22-2011
I agree thanks for the info
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