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Chuck Anstey's Avatar Chuck Anstey 08:48 AM 05-03-2012
It is with both excitement and sadness that I switched to digital yesterday. I now have a Sony VW95ES to "replace" my working Sony G70 CRT. My G70 has been a great reliable machine these past 11 years but I decided now was finally the generation of digital to switch and a really good deal came along.

If anyone is in the Atlanta area and would like a really good deal on a good condition G70 with less than 3K hours (blue tube has some burn) and Moome v1 HDMI card for use or parts, let me know. Comes in a road case. I'm just trying to recoup my cost of a lower cost 3D bluray player and some additional 3D glasses. If anyone wants a full turnkey solution with Lumagen Vision HDP already programmed for that specific projector, it is available at a modest additional cost.

draganm's Avatar draganm 12:33 PM 05-04-2012
Originally Posted by Chuck Anstey View Post

My G70 has been a great reliable machine these past 11 years

Chuck the new one will not last 11 years

Anyway, enjoy the SXRD, well done 1080P is a good thing

Hope the ole work-horse finds a new home.
lovebohn's Avatar lovebohn 08:30 PM 07-13-2012
What is the old vision worth?
Vic C's Avatar Vic C 02:36 PM 07-14-2012
I recently ( a year ago) sold a Vision Pro on Ebay for under 100.00.

I dont think they are that valuable any more. I have an Old DVDO HD+ I pulled from a job that I will eventually ebay as well but I dont expect more then 65.00 for it. With all th enew AV receivers and preamps comming equipt with scaling I just dont think outboard processors are of much value any more with todays digitals. They are good for older CRT systems but theres not much of that any more.
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