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Lookout526's Avatar Lookout526 09:56 PM 10-15-2012
I need a little help...
Here are the facts,
I bought a 1292 for $99 (Score!)
I hung that monster from the ceiling, (removed the 1272)
I got a Moome HD Gamma card,Purchased a PS3
and ran it through a blue jeans cable. To a nice Draper screen
I got the set up disc from Curt Palme.
I had to do some work on the walls (Black draping)
I was well into the long perfect setup per the disc, Adjusted the Stigmatism
And the red and blue started to wash out, like an over exposed photo.
It would only do it when input from the PS3 or Sat, not with the test pattern.
I had disabled the AKB Circuit, so I reconnected the jumper, no difference,
Greg1292 told me I might have mistakenly turned off the ABL
I cant find my service manual, and I am hoping someone can help...... I'm in too deep
and my young sons are having LEGO Starwars withdrawls

Caio's Avatar Caio 02:21 AM 10-16-2012
Moome card is into the video chain?
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