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01-11-2013 | Posts: 61
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Hi All. I am helping a neighbor set my old system in his basement. This thing is the 68 pound behemoth 1998 VPH-V20M. I cannot figure out how to invert the video signal....I have always had it mounted on the ceiling, upside down. My friend wants to put it on a cart and shoot to the wall, so it will sit right-side up. I have the manual and there is nothing indicating how to get the picture to shoot the way we need it. It does, however, show that the unit can, in fact, be positioned this way. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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01-12-2013 | Posts: 4,793
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It's called scan reversal, look in the manual for those words. You typically have to remove 6 plugs, flip them then plug them back in
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03-05-2013 | Posts: 61
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There is nothing in the manual mentioning scan reversal. I am stumped. Where are the "plugs" you are referring to located, usually? Thanks.
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Well the geniuses at Sony left it out of that manual, it just says "to be performed by a factory technician". Look at this manual for the 1031, it should be the same chassis, page 22 "polarity change"
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