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JC78's Avatar JC78 07:19 AM 02-16-2013
Does anyone know how i can hook my Sony rvc-6010q to Run as a cable tv? I can get volume but no picture? I have no manual and very confused as to what the different plugs are for...wondering if i need an adapter or something? Any help would be appreciated.

Curt Palme's Avatar Curt Palme 08:15 AM 02-16-2013
Sure, read this:

You have a monitor with that unit, it has no built in tuner and you can't connect cablevision to it directly. Use a cable box or VHS machine to use as the tuner, then connect the video out to the Sony. That will give you a picture, but a terrible one. If the RP unit works well, then consider getting an HD box and a BluRay along with an HDFUry or moome box that will convert HDMI to RGBHV. That will look amazing, far better than a composite video signal.
nashou66's Avatar nashou66 06:20 PM 02-16-2013
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