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ccu2's Avatar ccu2 03:35 AM 04-22-2013

Anybody can tell me whats wrong with my 20 years old 9 inch crt projector. Recently found that the vertical lines became snake lines. Attach a picture for reference. What can I do for this machine , since there is not easy to find a technician in HK. Thanks.

ccu2's Avatar ccu2 07:39 PM 04-22-2013
Learnt fm other user, this machine is pretty close to 1292. Any idea abt the problem.
Curt Palme's Avatar Curt Palme 06:51 AM 04-23-2013
I've seen a similar issue on a 1292, it was either the H output or V output board. Those are the ones right under the top cover.
ccu2's Avatar ccu2 08:42 PM 04-23-2013
Curt , u hv these spare boards on hand ?
ccu2's Avatar ccu2 10:32 AM 04-24-2013
This machine should be launched b4 1292 few years ago.

Anybody could tell me how to save it. The PQ is really great, bright enough, below 500 hours usage. Dun want to throw it away at all.

Attach more pics for reference.
ccu2's Avatar ccu2 10:36 AM 04-24-2013

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