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Duckfan2012's Avatar Duckfan2012 06:20 PM 03-19-2014
First post here. I am turning a living into HT for mostly movies on weekends. I've read several posts about how significant about lighting for projector can be. I really want to get a projector with a ~120" screen. But I need advices.

-Room is 17.5x30 with vaulted ceiling (~15 ft. high at peek, not centered, ~80/20 split). All white wall including ceiling, except part of right side about 7.5' high x 16' long is baby blue. Floor is laminated cherry. 1 window and a slide door. View distance is around 13 feet.

Is it worth the hassle for a projector without painting the room? What about hanging black fabric on all the walls when projector is in use? Get an 80" tv and call it a day?

My budget: $3000+/- 500 projector/screen.

Audio: I have,
Main - Martin Logan SL3
Bryston 70st (x2) monoblock amp.
Bryston Bp-25 stereo pre
MK mk-200 sub

As for surround and 7.2 amp/pre, I need advice. I'm thinking DIYaudiogroup for surround and center.
Thanks in advance

AVReader's Avatar AVReader 06:59 PM 03-19-2014
Being a CRT owner I would have to say your room environment wouldn't be the best for a CRT. CRT's do best in a completely dark room, walls, ceiling, floor. Why because they just don't have the light output (lumens) for where you want to put it. I'm afraid you would have to boost the contrast/brightness so high you would burn up your CRT's in no time. I would also be concerned about the sound also bouncing around too.

I put my CRT in a room about 10 years ago. The walls are covered with stage curtain velour. I actually had a stage curtain company make the curtains. I have two layers of curtains hanging. I spent thousands on that and no telling what they would cost today. The ceiling is covered in black merlin fabric from Rose Brand for light absorption. The screen hangs in front of a black velour stage curtain. The floor is covered in a dark red commercial carpet. I get no light refection. The sound also stays contained so you can hear the detail in the movie audio. I am able to run my projector with a very low contrast/brightness to extend the life of the CRT's. The best part of owning a CRT is watching a movie with exceptional contrast. You get a true black. No argument about that. Also with a CRT you will need a video processor. I see a lot of those on eBay so they are pretty cheap now. You will also need to calibrate a CRT. It isn't something that you bring home and plug in and use.

Honestly I would look at a torch aka LCD, DLP, etc. projector. The prices are more reasonable today. I would even recommend shopping eBay for an older model. Find and read the specs and decide.
Duckfan2012's Avatar Duckfan2012 08:37 PM 03-19-2014
Thanks for reply,

You're saying my room environment could use a projector with high lumen output? Yes I'm aiming for something like 3d feature. Any recommendations? I've read a few, Epson, benq, and jvc seem to be in good price range. My budget is ~$3000 projector/screen combine. So throw some recommendations for me.
Curt Palme's Avatar Curt Palme 11:08 AM 03-20-2014
Why not work with a local installation company and have them demo one for you? or... see if you can rent one for a day, then have the rental applied to the purchase price?
draganm's Avatar draganm 03:27 PM 03-20-2014
get last years JVC DILA RS60-something on e-bay for $3K. Add a roll up screen for $300., something like a Dalite. The white walls will degrade the pic some, and the white ceiling is even worse, but it's really the ambient light that will ruin it.
If you can have some Black curtains on the screen wall that will help a LOT.
At least you have a dark floor.
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