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stefuel's Avatar stefuel 08:51 PM 05-06-2005
Originally posted by Belcherwm
Here's a good thread on setting up Momitsu V880 custom resolutions

My bad on forgetting the link. :(
tse, heres a linc to what your looking for, I think.


John M Miller's Avatar John M Miller 10:27 AM 09-16-2005
I just placed an order for an 880 today,:cool: but as of right now I don't have a way of hooking it up. Unfortunately, my Pioneer Elite HD-520 does not have BNC RGBHV input jacks-- I have to use an HD15 connector. Can anyone suggest a good place to buy a good DVI-to-HD15 cable OR a good place to buy a DVI-HD15 connector and HD15 cable?

I see that BlueJeansCable has HD15 cables for about $100, but I'd like to keep the cable budget under $50. Thanks!
Belcherwm's Avatar Belcherwm 10:47 AM 09-16-2005
gn2's Avatar gn2 01:04 PM 09-16-2005
armstrr's Avatar armstrr 02:10 PM 11-28-2005
Hi guys...I'm confused and could use some guidance on which would be the best method to output from my Momitsu V880 to my electrohome marquee 8500.

Currently i am using the momitsu dvi output-> dvi/vga adaptor-> vga cable-> extron 202xi -> rgbhv cable -> M8500.

I have recently seen true hi def and i know there is room for improvement from the output of the momitsu (i have not yet entered a custum resolution), but have updated the firmware (but there may be one newer version).

I currently have an nec 6010 switcher on its way. I thought moome had a component/dvi card for it, but i think it is only for the xg projector (please let me know if he plans to offer a card for the 6010/6020 projector).

My rgbhv cables to the momitsu are 25' (made by techman707) and are buried, so it is not practical to get a moome card for the marquee. I am stuck using rgbhv.

so has anyone tested and concluded (or someone with a good theory) which would be better:

momitsu dvi output-> dvi cable ->moome external dvi/component box-> vga cable-> vga input on 6010-> rgbhv cable -> M8500.


momitsu modified with MP1 rgbhv BNC output-> bnc to bnc cable -> rgbhv bnc input card of NEC 6010 switcher -> rgbhv cable -> M8500.

If I went the mp1 route, i would likely have all the other suggested mods done to the momitsu done at the same time by a compentent forum member (who might stumble onto this thread []

please let me know which of these routes would be best or if there is an alternative dvd solution for about the same price.

I really appreciate your help sorting this out!!!
jaz50y's Avatar jaz50y 02:32 PM 11-28-2005
My Momitsu is hooked to my Barco by DVI-DVI/VGA adapter- VGA/RGBHV bnc cable to the Barco. Could also have done direct VGA into the Barco, but the RGBHV gives a better picture. The results are excellent. I don't understand why you would put a box between the Momitsu and the 8500, so I would say remove the extron and go right to the Marquee. Then try the customized setting and see what you think.
Joshua Snyder's Avatar Joshua Snyder 06:30 PM 11-28-2005
What resolution are you running on the Momitsu?

if you are only running 480p, you are wasting a good DVD player.

My Favorite resolution from my momitsu was 960p, however, I can't get my momitsu to reliably send that rez after turning it off and then on again, so for simplicity sake, I use 1080i. 720p is better than 1080i for DVD menus, BUT again, my momitsu will not do that after power cycling.

If your screen is 4x3, I think the Best rez is 768p (1024x768). my screen is 16x9, so I tend towards HDTV resolutions.

However, I must tell you, there is really no comparison between real HD (high bit rate), and DVD, even with the momitsu.
edsuski's Avatar edsuski 10:55 PM 11-28-2005

I have tried many custom resolution on both my V880 and V880N. I have settled on 1568 x 1080p @ 48 Hz for now. I can not seem to get the V880N to handle 1920 x 1080p. For the money - it is a very good scaler. I will list a few of my custom resolutions below.


1440 x 960 @ 48

HorizFreq 47376 VertFreq 4800
VideoWidth 1440 VideoHeight 0960
HSyncTotal 1888 PreHSync 0072
HSyncActive 0152 PostHSync 0224
VSyncTotal 0987 PreVSync 0003
VSyncActive 0003 PostVSync 0023
HSyncPol 0000 VSyncPol 0000

1704x 960 @ 48 Hz

HorizFreq 47376 VertFreq 4800
VideoWidth 1704 VideoHeight 960
HSyncTotal 1888 PreHSync 32
HSyncActive 92 PostHSync 60
VSyncTotal 987 PreVSync 0001
VSyncActive 0003 PostVSync 0023
HSyncPol 0000 VSyncPol 0000

1568 x 1080 @ 48 Hz

HorizFreq 53280 VertFreq 4800
VideoWidth 1568 VideoHeight 1080
HSyncTotal 1696 PreHSync 22
HSyncActive 0064 PostHSync 42
VSyncTotal 1110 PreVSync 0
VSyncActive 15 PostVSync 15
HSyncPol 0 VSyncPol 0
dokworm's Avatar dokworm 07:39 AM 11-29-2005
Now if only they would release the long promised V880-N external input card so you could scale your other sources.
edsuski's Avatar edsuski 01:59 PM 11-29-2005
I can't imagine that the chip can handle deinterlacing 1080i so I guess I am left with SD TV and, God forbid, VHS (maybe camcorder), but still - it would be nice to have.

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