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CRT Projectors > Small Squiggly interference lines on NEC XG 1352 ??
CaspianM's Avatar CaspianM 10:53 AM 09-03-2006
Oh you are getting VP 50? What are you going to do with your VP30?
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Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 12:25 PM 09-03-2006
thanks Moe I sent you a PM
I had multiple people offering me Studioteks and I will be damned if it didn't happen in a situation where I couldn't use them, I have always wanted a studiotek, in this new room space is such a premieum that I could only use 2.35:1 sized screen, which I wanted to try anyway

not sure what I will do with the VP30 at this time

I will prolly sell it

Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 02:50 PM 09-10-2006
my quest is over

I have installed my new tube, calibrated for 2 days and can officially say the 1352 is not going anywhere anytime soon

I installed my new OEM green, and preceeded to use 1920x800p for my setup being that my screen is 2.40:1, so I am getting exactly the same resolution that 16:9 screens have when showing 2.40:1 movies which is 800 lines P, 1920x800p destroys 1080i and I have my bud Craig R to thank for that, I would have never thought to do that, thanks Craig I woe you one dude ;)

1920x800p hit the spot on the NEC and like I said, it is the same as 1080p at 16:9 but is not as hard on the PJ of course and is under the bandwidth spec
my 1:1 1920x800p pattern is clearly visible in all 4 corners and center and can be seen in center from my viewing distance, which is amazing :eek:

so I am displaying 1920x1080i 2.40:1 movies(which only have 800 lines of resolution) 100% unscaled and progressive, oh my oh my, with my 2.35:1 setup I have no need at this time to look at a 9" CRT, the NEC 1352 is that wicked

uping the resolution also seemed to tame the interference lines ALOT and I removed the fan from the green neck card which seemed to help even more, not a issue anymore :)

like I said my quest is over, time to enjoy my labor, I won't be online as much anymore because I have my HT back now :)

thanks for all the help guys and again thanks Craig for the tip

I will have more to say tomorrow about my setup(scaler etc.) and process so stay tuned, I wish someone could see this though, talk about unreal pix quality :eek:

JMSE's Avatar JMSE 06:19 PM 09-10-2006
Gary, I'm glad to hear that new tube worked out for you.

Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 06:48 PM 09-10-2006
thanks Jim, I appreciate the good deal dude, thanks ;)

benny's Avatar benny 09:04 PM 09-10-2006
Originally Posted by Gary Murrell
my quest is over

Well done Gary !

Good to hear it's all come together at last. I can understand the journey might have been a little frustrating but its completed now and time to relax, watch movies and have a few beers :) Quite often though, the journey can be just as enjoyable as the destination.

It's also reassuring to hear you discovered, as I did, that running higher vertical resolutions helps to negate the video noise issues, and that you've chosen to run progressive rather than the inferior interlaced alternative ( cue Mark ... stage left LOL ).

Your wish has been granted as I can envisage what you are seeing now .... I experience it everytime I switch mine on :D

Cheers and happy viewing :)

Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 11:19 PM 09-10-2006
it just ain't meant to be guys :mad:

I finally sat down to watch a movie after 4 months, half way in the middle pop, the screen sucks in and back out, the center of all 3 tubes lost em focus, the outer is the same, the outer focus controls have no effect on any tube, the center has to be adjusted to 100% and that doesn't even fix it nor does the pot fix focus as it cannot be dialed enough

I guess this just isn't meant to be guys :(

CZ Eddie's Avatar CZ Eddie 11:31 PM 09-10-2006
Originally Posted by Gary Murrell

I guess this just isn't meant to be guys :(

I've said that a couple times myself over the last couple years, Gary. Then I fixed the problem(s) and moved on. :)

SUCKS to have happen though. Especially after you were in heaven just a few minutes earlier.
Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 11:53 PM 09-10-2006
thanks for the comfort Eddie, I might need to look elsewhere though, this NEC 1352 has been nothing but trouble, problem after problem

I am thinking maybe to part him out and move on at this point in time, the image from this thing was so nice though, I will need a serious PJ to top it

who knows :(

Doug Baisey's Avatar Doug Baisey 04:23 AM 09-11-2006
I dont think I would have removed the green neck board fan but would have found out why. Could have been mounted wrong or defective.

Posted in your new thread about the focus. Doug
CaspianM's Avatar CaspianM 08:59 AM 09-11-2006
Unfuc*%^& believable gary. Be patient you'll be aright!
Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 11:31 AM 09-11-2006
Doug I will reconnect the Fan

why does the green have a fan and the other 2 don't ? weird

Mark_A_W's Avatar Mark_A_W 03:58 PM 09-11-2006
Because the green works harder and the other 2 are right next to the side fans.
Gary Murrell's Avatar Gary Murrell 04:59 PM 09-11-2006
makes sense :)

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