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Noubourne's Avatar Noubourne 07:19 PM 03-29-2010
On the DSP: I have narrowed the issue down to the Supreme + feature.

The hiss is always present when DSP is enabled. It's only really noticeable on very quiet songs.

The distortion is a feature called Supreme+ intended to "restore" high frequency sounds to poorly encoded mp3s.

So there you have it. I am actually getting even better sound now with DSP - due to the crossover controls.

sdmfer's Avatar sdmfer 07:34 PM 03-29-2010
Hmm Interesting. Maybe I should look at upgrading my stock speakers....what kind of car do you have this in?
Noubourne's Avatar Noubourne 06:34 AM 03-30-2010
Originally Posted by sdmfer View Post

Hmm Interesting. Maybe I should look at upgrading my stock speakers....what kind of car do you have this in?

Just a Corolla. It has fairly decent tweeter placement.
Noubourne's Avatar Noubourne 09:35 AM 05-14-2010
Originally Posted by Noubourne View Post

Nope. I tested again and found a "HD" or high quality audio streaming setting on the phone and turned it on.

That did not change the garbled high frequency sounds. Cymbals are garbled. Even the snare drums sound wacky. Definitely noticeable.

Don't think it's my phone. Just think it's A2DP. At least until I hear it working correctly anywhere else...

Till then it's easy enough to hook up my phone via USB and listen to what's on it that way if necessary. I have listened off it a few times to recharge it. The issue there is that it's hard to control since the iPod thinks it's plugged in - and the stereo tells me to control it on the phone...

I now have a Droid Incredible. The A2DP streaming remains unlistenable for me. As previously stated, even with high-bitrate mp3s on my device, the cymbals are garbled and there is a wavy-ness to the sound - almost like it is going in and out a little. It's subtle but once I notice it, I can't continue listening.

Another thing I have noticed: Pandora is significantly worse than streamed on-board mp3s.

My conclusion after testing both the iPhone 3GS and Android Incredible: Either A2DP is not ready for high-quality audio streaming, or the Kenwood falls down hard on their implementation.

One plus I will give to the Incredible: Voice detection is 100x better than it was on my iPhone, and the HTC Car Nav app is killer for dialing from the phone in the car - you get huge buttons on the screen that you can easily read/identify without much more distraction than changing the song on your stereo.
newlinux's Avatar newlinux 03:34 PM 05-14-2010
streaming via A2DP from my motorola droid can be best be described as okay. It didn't sound bad, but wasn't anywhere near the quality of songs on the hard drive. I don't use it much.
easteuropean's Avatar easteuropean 08:30 PM 07-24-2010
So I bought the Kenwood X993 this last Xmas as a gift for myself, I was using the iphone 3g to stream music without having to connect it to the USB. Well I switched to the new iphone 4 and it "skips" or cuts out like crazy while trying to stream. Phone calls are a little spotty now too, people say they can't hear me or there will be a strange echo on the other end. So I am looking for some troubleshooting tips. The place I bought the deck from is great and updated the bluetooth Firm Ware for me. But I have the following problems:

1 The Bluetooth streaming cuts out. Sometimes it seems like it is when I am accelerating or braking and maybe the car is overloaded but it only does it on Bluetooth. It doesn't cut out on CD's USB or Radio. I realize that it might be the phone being as my previous iphone only had trouble on occasion.

2 I would like to use the USB all the time but I absolutely HATE the fact that the moment you plug the phone in, it starts playing the first song on the iphone alphabetically. I have heard the intro to that song sooo many times now that I hate the song. I would just take the song off of there but then I will just hate the intro to whatever song is next in line. Is there a setting that allows you to turn off the autoplay?

The stereo is great in a lot of ways but the user interface sucks. It is completely UNintuitive in the design. I can't navigate to find anything on the menus because as it turns out the menus change depending on the source you are on. However it is on par with all other decks in that way.

So can anybody answer those two major issues of: 1 It skips/cuts out while streaming from iphone 4, and 2 I would like to turn off the AUTOPLAY feature when plugging in anything to the USB.
jvc's Avatar jvc 06:53 PM 07-25-2010
How is the radio reception? I liked Kenwood sound, but the last one I had had horrible recepion. Once I sold it and put the stock back in, I was once again able to get stations that I got with stock and a Sony or JVC. Since chocies are rough these days, I looked at Kenwood and JVC...
mntmst's Avatar mntmst 08:34 PM 07-25-2010
Originally Posted by jvc View Post

How is the radio reception? I liked Kenwood sound, but the last one I had had horrible recepion. Once I sold it and put the stock back in, I was once again able to get stations that I got with stock and a Sony or JVC. Since chocies are rough these days, I looked at Kenwood and JVC...

The signal issues are mainly caused by the lack of power to the internal car antenna amp that's powered from the OEM radio but a lot of installers don't run the correct antenna power wire from the new radio causing crappy reception. The RF section in most aftermarket radios (Kenwoods too, they really know what they are doing just ask any ham radio operator) are better than most OEM units.
scifan's Avatar scifan 10:33 PM 09-07-2010
I believe the X993 is basically the same family as the X994...

Are you guys running 3.11 bluetooth firmware or 3.12?

I have a X994 and have significant issues getting my HTC Hero to sync up consistently... (if I downgrade to a 1.5 rom, it seems to work fairly well for phone calls, but not for A2dp...) I had Streaming Audio working (kind of) under 2.1... and the 2.2 "build" seems to work fairly well, but has other issues...

I'm getting a cable to flash 3.12, but wondered if anyone has tested with 3.12?
nascarpluto2002's Avatar nascarpluto2002 04:44 PM 06-06-2011
I am having issues with the favorite - no memory set up feature.
I want to delete all the favorites that were in this radio prior to me purchasing the vehicle it happen to come with.
Could anyone tell me how to delete the favorites in the audio set up feature?
I can't even manually turn the radio stations because of the favorites.

Please help...
RC300's Avatar RC300 09:50 AM 11-17-2011
A bit of context:
In my Audi car, I have a MP3 USB/SDcard additional module that plugs into the CD changer plug of the OEM navigation unit and emulates the CD changer behaviour (6 CDs = 6 MP3 directories on the USB stick). This module has bluetooth capabilities too (A2DP and HFP/HSP profiles).
The behaviour is following:each time my Iphone 4G emits a sound alert over bluetooth, the music is cut, the alert is broadcasted and then, the music comes back normally. Such behaviour is very comfortable for speed cameras alerts as everything is done transparently and the alert is broadcasted in the car speakers, you cannot miss it.
Btw, I dunno which profile is used to achieve that. I suppose it's A2DP as the sound quality is great and similar to when I stream music from the iPhone:
1) reading mp3 from USB stick
2) pressing play button on the Iphone or a remote button on the module
3) the module switches automatically to A2DP streaming mode
4) the iPhone music is played into the speakers
==> only one press to achieve all of this

Now, what's the behaviour of the kenwood headunits having bluetooth ?
Particularly the KIV BT901 family (HFP/HSP, no A2DP) and KDC BT61U family (HFP/HSP, A2DP and more).
I'm pretty sure they use the same base for bluetooth than the past KDC X993.
Imagine my iPhone and the kenwood are already paired, and I'm listening FM radio or mp3 on USB stick. What would occur if my iPhone emits a sound alert ? Will the kenwood unit switch off the current source to broadcast the alert and hten go back to the original source ?
Or should I use a trick with auto-answering mode set to 0 ? (if the alert is emitted using HFP profile).

Btw, what is the headunit behavior if listening to the FM radio and pressing playback button on the iPhone (both are already paired of course), does the unit switch to Iphone/iPod source directly ?
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