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11-23-2010 | Posts: 1
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Originally Posted by arnorth05 View Post

hey guys this forum is great ive learned alot from everyones experiences with the 6140 so heres my issue hopefully someone can help ive had my 6140 for about 1 1/2 years now and its worked great flawlessly actually until just this week i noticed when i was driving that my bluetooth function was gone! lol there is no tel button on the main screen and the bluetooth setup butoon is gone as well im not sure if maybe the mic connection came unplugged and that is causing it to disappear or if somehow the actual parrot bt module inside the unit came unhooked if anyone has any input please i would greatly appreciate it im really hoping my bt didnt just take a crap but everything else works flawlessly so any help thanks guys

I've just experienced the exact same thing! Yesterday my BT menus all just disappeared. I spoke with Kenwood Tech support and they have directed me to a local repair shop as mine too is 1.5 years old.

Have you been able to figure out the cause yet?
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12-11-2010 | Posts: 10
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IIGood hope u r checking the site or whoever can answer my questions.

Well I got the DroidX (Verizon) few days ago and I have the Kenwood DNX6160 installed in my car. Well I was able to pair the devices but my SMS button at the top left corner is greyed out.
So I went into the TEL/BT Setup cant recall now but I went to the setup that has SMS options......
SMS Beep (ON - OFF) and it is on ON
There is another option, SMS (ON - OFF) but this option is greyed out so I think thats why i can get the unit to receive and send SMS or use that feature but I thought I should be able too.....

What should I do to resolve that any help is greatly appreciated

Android version 2.2.1
System Version 2.3.340

Kenwood DNX 6160
Version 1.1.0
Bluetooth Module Version 3.60

I got the unit mid of 2010 and I went onto the Kenwood website but under the cellphone Motorola there is no DROIDX listed

Thanks again
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12-12-2010 | Posts: 1
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I recently added a Kenwood DNX-6140 to my 06 Mustang GT ... the sound is great and everything works fine but one thing. I seem to lose all my settings when I turn off the system. I don't know why this happens. It gets really annoying that every time I turn on the system I have to go back to system memory and I also have to turn on my subs and my av for my back up cam. Can anyone help me on this? Is my unit defective? Please Help !!
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12-15-2010 | Posts: 2
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I have recently started having issues with my DNX-6140. I have searched all over and haven't seen any answers to the issue. There has been a few times now where I will start my car and the unit does not power on. Usually when the unit is powered off, I see a red light on the top left corner, but during these two instances the red light is off and I can not power on the unit. The first time this happened I checked the fuse, which turned out to be fine and when plugged back in, the unit started working again. The second time this happen, about 3-4 weeks later, I tried pressing the reset button and then the unit started working again. I have had the unit for about 6 months now and didn't have any issues unitl this last month. I am in Minnesota so I am wondering if the cold weather could potentially cause this problem. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix the problem?

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12-20-2010 | Posts: 2
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Could someone please post directions on how to update the firmware on a 6140? I have downloaded the RUF file, but its not clear how to update the system.

Also, what is the correct way to update the boot up screen? I saw two different methods, one using the convert file, and one not using the convert file. Which way worked, both?

Thank you!
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12-25-2010 | Posts: 16
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Installation instructions:
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01-07-2011 | Posts: 99
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Can anyone point me to a deal on either a DNX6140 / DNX 6160 or DNX6960 unit?

I'm looking to buy a DNX6960 at a good price, but would consider a 6160 or 6140 depending on price.
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01-08-2011 | Posts: 3
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I just upgraded my phone to a Driod X and got it working just fine with my DNX 6140.

I had to upgrade the bluetooth to version 3.12

I had a issue where the phonebook would not download to the 6140. After playing around with it I finally deleted the DroidX from the 6140 and re-synced them. I then noticed a message on the DroidX status bar (which is real easy to miss), asking if I want to allow downloading of the phonebook! Told it yes.....and all is good. Phonebook is there, although displayed in Last name,First name format (odd).
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01-15-2011 | Posts: 7
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Just trying to find out how current is the the nav map update for the 6140 on the Garmin page? I updated over a year ago but it says it is a 2010 map. Thanks
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01-26-2011 | Posts: 6
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I have the dnx6140 install in my car and use the kenwood ipod adapter.

It has always displayed the ipod pictures when the song is playing, but today it just shows a blacked out square where the picture should be. I can't figure out how to get this to work???

anyone else having this problem??
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01-28-2011 | Posts: 6
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Don't know if anyone is able still checking this thread regularly or is able to help me but here is my question... Would anyone that is not using the microphone clip be willing to send theirs to me or does anyone know where I can buy one? I've been searching online for the past half hour and can not find anywhere online that sells them. Any help would be appreciated.

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01-29-2011 | Posts: 5
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Originally Posted by firecracker View Post
I've been searching online for the past half hour and can not find anywhere online that sells them. Any help would be appreciated.

Try contacting Kenwood.
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02-03-2011 | Posts: 1
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Hello new guy here think i have the right forum I need a replacement part for usb cable that comes out of the rear of the unit it is a Kenwood DnX5140 just bought off of ebay and it looks like the wire was pulled out if someone out there has a part number for me it would be greatly appreciated I' pretty sure this same part is compatible for a few other models thanx again.
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03-08-2011 | Posts: 6
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Thanks for the replies on the microphone. I didn't need the whole mic, just the clip that holds it in place. Ended up finding mine in a box at my parents' house a few weekends ago. Do appreciate it though, and this thread has been great.
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04-13-2011 | Posts: 36
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Well, that fun has ended...for now.

Last night my DNX-6140 was stolen from my car. A neighbor in my apartment building came knocking on my door at 6:30 this morning and informed me as such...8 other vehicles were broken in to as well; the thieves took off with stereo equipment from each car.

No damage done to my car...took the stereo out cleanly...but everyone else's window got smashed out to gain access to the stuff.

Cops took everyone's information; I was the only one that could provide a serial number for my stuff so if it shows up at local pawn shops, they'll know.

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11-02-2011 | Posts: 16
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I believe this is what's the latest firmwares

garmin 2.8

kenwood 3.2

BT 3.1.2

I am not able to get the garmin 2.8 to work. anyone else? [edit] nvm, you have to put it in a folder named garmin when you burn, i'll try this again
I just did the kenwood 3.2 yesterday, can't tell any difference from my previous 2.x
I am also not sure about BT update, probably don't care to.
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11-12-2011 | Posts: 22
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^^^ Hey, thanks for the links. I just upgraded my system for the first time earlier in the summer. I was pleased to find new features in the Garmin software. The Kenwood update looks to be bug fixes.
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12-07-2011 | Posts: 1
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When plugging in the charging cord (hooked up to the 6140) to my iPhone, while playing the radio, the 6140 always defaults to play the iPod Music on my iPhone.

Anyone know if there is a setting to change the default to stay on radio?
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01-09-2012 | Posts: 5
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got a quick question...................battery went dead so I lost my settings. Before the dead battery I had like 9 different choices for source screen, now I have only 3. Yes I can choose which 3 but its still annoying. How do I get back to the 9 choices.
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04-25-2012 | Posts: 1
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Arnorth and Curacao,

I have the same problem on my Kenwood with the bluetooth menus disappeared. Did you ever figure out how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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05-10-2012 | Posts: 1
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I just installed a kenwood dnx deck in my car, the next day i installed the proper ipod control cable and in the process I accidentally tripped off the decks anti theft. Anyone know how to disable it ??
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08-31-2012 | Posts: 11
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Hey guys, sorry for the bump. But I had a problem with my DNX-6140. I'm trying to watch videos from a USB stick on the radio. Now I understand that its supposed to be MPEG and MPEG2. So I tried an MP4, converted that into an MPEG and MPEG2 and it doesn't seem to want to play. I put an MP3 in there and that works just fine. The radio can see the other 2 files, but when I click on them it stays on it for about 4 seconds and then goes onto the next file. Anybody have this problem? Any help would be great, thanks!
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03-22-2013 | Posts: 26
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I've been hearing conflicting information about how the dnx6140 handles ipod play regarding resuming the last playing song when the car is turned off and then on again.

If I'm listening to a particular playlist and then turn off the car, will it resume playing that same song when I start again?

Will it resume playing from where it left off on the ipod if I switch inputs and then back to the iPod?

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03-30-2013 | Posts: 26
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I've got a rav4 and the steering wheel controls are intermittent. Sometimes it works and then it just stops. I can't figure it out. Volume and next track controls stop working. And then other times they do.

Anyone else have any issues with steering wheel controls?

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