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strtrkn's Avatar strtrkn 03:20 PM 09-13-2010
I recently had the Pioneer DEH-P6200BT installed in my car. So far I'm loving it. But I'm a bit curious about what the receiver uses to hold the place of music or podcasts on a USB device. Here's the scenario.

I have 2 USB drives; one for music, one for podcasts. I update the podcasts one on a weekly basis with new ones. I update the music one less often. However, when I update either of these using a computer, the receiver will lose the place of the podcast/song it was last on. When it does this w/ music, it's not so bad. But some of the podcasts are over 2 hours long, so it takes FOREVER to get back to the spot I was at using the FF button. I've looked on a USB drive that I've used, but can't see a file anywhere that it writes on the drive (I'm a sys admin by trade, so when it comes to finding hidden files, I'm usually pretty good at it). Anyone have any insight into this? It's driving me a bit batty.

Thanks so much for reading!


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