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dpslusser's Avatar dpslusser 04:02 PM 12-26-2010
Just got a gps for christmas. I absolutely hate having the stupid cig lighter power adapter plugged in. I was thinking about taking the power adapter and cutting it to about a foot long. Take the cigarette lighter transformer apart. Use the transformer wiring it to 12v car, and the 5v output. Buy a panel (surface) mount mono 1/8" headphone jack and mount in on the dash, close to the stereo. Wire the output of the transformer to the jack. And the 1 ft piece will have the male 1/8'' headphone jack wired to the Garmin Nuvi 18-pin jack for power. Take a look at my little paint image, and let me know what you think.

Does anyone have any opinions or advice on doing this?

And does anyone know if the power adapter that garmin supplies is a 2 wire (positive and negative for DC) type plug?

razel's Avatar razel 10:09 AM 12-27-2010
How coincidental. Got a new GPS as well. The old one, I ran off it's battery, but the new one has traffic antenna that only works when powered by the cigarette adapter.

Car has a fuse box under the dash. Bought a fuse tap that gave me a wire for positive 12 volts. Connected that to the positive end of the cigarette adapter. Got another wire for negative 12 volts and connected that to the cigarette adapter and easily found a ground bolt near the electrical wiring under the dash. Then I got lucky and was able to run the cord behind the dash and up onto the dash left where I needed the USB cord to be that connects to the GPS. I originally wanted to run it in the air vents. The air vent is the second mounting location for my GPS and just keep the wire barely hidden inside the vent.

The wires connected to the cigarette adapter end is DIY beyond belief, but I tightly wound more than enough wire on it to secure then dabbed silcone glue (it's like durable rubber cement and completely removable) to it. Then completely wrapped it with spare neoprene I had lying around to cover the exposed metal contact area. I can undo everything. Why I didn't directly hack up the adapter? I think the traffic antenna box on it is expensive.

Hope it give you some ideas. Please always double check and keep it safe.
dpslusser's Avatar dpslusser 04:20 PM 12-27-2010
Ya, I use to do this all the time in my cars when I was younger. 2 ford escorts ('99) and a dodge intrepid ('00). I did it for my Sirius Sat radio, but that was when it was straight 12v. It was alot easier, blus they used the barrel style plug. NOW, this GPS thing im not sure about cuz its not a barrel or usb style plug. Its some 18pin connector. Just trying to see if anyone has every ripped one apart.
bigbarney's Avatar bigbarney 05:58 PM 12-27-2010
I don't know why this needs to be complicated. I simply soldered a wire onto the positive end the the lighter adapter, another to the negative contact, then taped it up, connected it to the nearest switched 12 volt supply and hid the whole cigarette adapter and wiring behind the dash.

I have my gps sitting up in the top left hand corner of the windshield. I ran the wire up inside the roof pillar and I keep the end tucked up in the roof liner.

The whole point to this is however... you don't need to butcher up the cigarette lighter adapter. Just solder 2 wires to it, connect it to the supply and leave it at that.
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