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GaigeK's Avatar GaigeK 10:57 PM 03-02-2011
I have the new Pioneer AVH-P3300BT head unit, and a SoundOrdinance Bass Bunker box with 1.03 cubic ft per individual chamber. I want 2 - 12's less than $100 per sub.

Here is the specs on the Amp that I have:

Audiopipe GM-1502

Capable of Being Bridged into a 4 Ohm Mono Output Without Switches
150 Watts RMS X 2 Channel @ 4 Ohm
225 Watts RMS X 2 Channel @ 2 Ohm

Frequency Response: 20Hz-30,000Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100dV
Channel Separation: >65dB, 1 Khz
Mosfet Technology
Adjustable Input Level Control
2 Ohm Stable
Remote Turn On/Off
RCA Line Input/Output
Double Sided Glass Epoxy PCB
Frequency Adjustable High/Low Pass Filter
Electronic Protection Circuitry
Unique, Super Efficient Heatsink Design

Please let me know what you recommend.

JMII's Avatar JMII 03:51 PM 03-03-2011
Amp wants a 4 ohm bridged load: so that is either two 8ohm SVC subs wired in parallel - OR two 4 ohm DVC subs (voice coils in series, subs in parallel). Couldn't find a ratting on the amps bridge output, but I'm guessing around 300-450 watts. So figure 1/2 that for each speaker, so you'll need a pretty efficient sub if you've got a sealed box.

If the box is sealed then I've had good results with Kicker Comps, MTX Thunders and Polk MMs. Currently running a Polk 12" in my car now and really like it. Got a Kicker L5 in my truck but like the Polk more (smoother, better SQ).
GaigeK's Avatar GaigeK 08:26 AM 03-04-2011
So given that information can you send me a link to subs your would recommend at the DVC 4 ohm rating? I am having trouble finding some I like.

Anything under $100 a sub.
GaigeK's Avatar GaigeK 08:40 AM 03-04-2011
JMII's Avatar JMII 08:54 AM 03-04-2011
GaigeK's Avatar GaigeK 09:07 AM 03-04-2011
Those are 250 watt RMS. Is that ok??
JMII's Avatar JMII 09:51 AM 03-07-2011
Originally Posted by GaigeK View Post

Those are 250 watt RMS. Is that ok??

What is your amp rated when bridged into a 4 ohm load? What size fuse? Wattage = volts x amps, so some quick math will tell you the most your amp can really push. Based on the specs you posted I guessed 300-450 RMS watts, divided by two and you'll be perfect.
AK_47's Avatar AK_47 10:38 AM 03-07-2011
FYI before you buy checkout www.vminnovations.com's prices on 12-inch subwoofers. VMI's prices are the lowest online and all orders are delivered in 2-3 days for FREE.

Here is a pair of decent subs for less than $50 - HFI12D4

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