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remick126's Avatar remick126
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10-23-2011 | Posts: 1
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03 chevy trail blazer, 1500 watt mb quart amp running the subs, 350 watt kicker amp running the 4 ks65 kicker speakers, planet audio deck. Just playing a few songs with a lot of bass.
cubdenno's Avatar cubdenno
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10-25-2011 | Posts: 1,490
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I see you your system and add mine

I have a 2006 Toyota Solara
BG Neo3 PDR Planar tweeters in the dash
Dayton RS225 8"mids in doors
Old MB Quart seperates in the back for fill
TC Sounds TC3000 in a multitude of enclosures
Sundown SAZ1500D powering the sub
Diamond audio 400.4 powering the tweets and rears
Cadence TXA 3002 powering the 8's

Processing Time alignment crossovers and EQ by an Alpine C701/H701

Playing some good 80's hairbands with the occasional motown, heavy heavy metal, and some even more infrequent hip hop.
Ericmp1989's Avatar Ericmp1989
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11-08-2011 | Posts: 5
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do you have the new or old style?? I have a pair of those in my living room lol
heilgid's Avatar heilgid
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11-10-2011 | Posts: 13
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Nice settup very similar to one one in my prelude
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