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10-26-2013 | Posts: 49
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Well I purchased a rockford fosgate 351m off of ebay last week. Seemed like a good deal I just need it to run one diamond audio 10. Right now my system is just a 6.5" component set in the front and one dvc diamond audio 10 in back with my kicker zx650.4 running the front two speakers and the back two channels are bridged mono at 8 ohms(I would rather bridged at 2 ohms but the kicker zx650.4 is not stable at 2 ohms. So just to ensure that my new purchase worked I unhooked the kicker amp and installed the rockford for a trial run, to my surprise when I turned it on it powered up blue with no music coming out and it actually pushed the subwoofer out and made it start to smoke after a few min. I mean it pushed the sub so far out that it was probably maxed out. I would have turned it off sooner but I didn't realize what was happening until I smelled it. So my question is the amplifier toast or am, did I get ripped off, am I missing something? When I hooked the kicker back up everything sounded great so I don't think it is a wiring issue?
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Sounds like amp is pushing DC. Amp is bad.
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