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BOTTLEDZ28's Avatar BOTTLEDZ28 04:41 AM 05-29-2014
I am looking for my first double din car stereo and have leaned towards Pioneer. I have been a long time Aloine user but I feel their new stuff is getting cheaper and cheaper. I have read of a lot of great reviews about Pioneer stereos so I have come up with two models. I mainly listen to Pandora and itunes on my iphone5. I never listen to the tuner. I currently run 3 amps in my truck hooked up to a pair of BA components, BA rear 6x9s and a pair of 12" BA subs.

To me, the most important things I pay attention to when shopping for a DD are ease of use, brightness and clarity of the screen, sound quality. Can anyone here offer me some personal feedback on either of the units I mentioned?

bksmith5's Avatar bksmith5 02:12 PM 07-14-2014
Ancient thread revival but -- I picked up an AVH-4000NEX for my 2007 Toyota Prius. It's an excellent deck. The screen does bleach out a little in direct sunlight, but it is still readable/usable. The 13-band EQ is awesome, the various functions are all quite nice (though the phone mirror stuff is useless with my Windows Phone). Since I own a Nokia Lumia 1520 with a 6" screen, I didn't feel motivated to pick up the AVIC-5000NEX (or 6000, 7000 or 8000).

The ability to play DVDs is novel, the SD Card slot will be handy for both firmware updates and for carrying a large library of music for when the HD Radio and/or SiriusXM aren't working for me and I don't feel like streaming audio from my cell.

Sound quality -- That one is an easy/strong recommendation from me. This deck took my car's OEM JBL sound system and made it shine (especially in combination with my JL Audio 10W1 (original from 20+ years ago) sub -- driven by an equally-old Alpine Class AB amp from when they were built in Japan).

Hopefully this helps you or someone else who's looking at this deck.