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hacker-pschorr's Avatar hacker-pschorr
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02-12-2008 | Posts: 103
Joined: Jan 2007 has the Germin 750 for $399 right now
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02-27-2008 | Posts: 3
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Originally Posted by rod_b View Post

Do you need the coupon book to purchase the 4250 for $249? And if so, is it limited to just 1 per coupon?

yes and yes
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02-27-2008 | Posts: 353
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Originally Posted by slickdjl View Post

Im with you
I purchased a 4250 and stuck on "systems settings" . been like this for a day. typed a message to megellan, and they want me to call them.ho hum. I like what they have to offer, but wish it would work! going to try and take it back for another. if it doesn't work, back to Garmin. Will be back with info.

Very odd. I have had the 4250 for quite some time now. It froze a couple of times. There's no way this is a Windows CE problem - I work in the software industry and work on Win CE displays. More likely a "board support" issue or Magellen's software. Anyway, when this happens, simply cycling power fixes it. With software this complex, a minor nuisance like that is understandable. I'm very happy with it. I'm sure they'll fix the glitches with a firmware update sooner or later. If not, shame on them.
memphis87's Avatar memphis87
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03-14-2008 | Posts: 307
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i have the 4250 and it works great, never freezes for me
NetGroups's Avatar NetGroups
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04-08-2008 | Posts: 1
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Just bought the Magellan 4250 for $249.99 from

This is my first GPS and so far I think its pretty cool. Haven't had any problems so far and it seems very acurate when it comes to maps and detail route plans. The bluetooth hooked up with no problems and the voice command is limited but cool to use. It did come with the traffic alert and I joined for the free membership trial without any problems. The display screen is bright and looks great. SO far so good... This really has helped me learn better and shorter routes -that I would think after a year or so this will pay for itself in gas savings. Garmin seems to be a leader in the GPS arena but I must say Im very happy with my purchase of the 4250.

Flavius's Avatar Flavius
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04-14-2008 | Posts: 823
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Well, I recently evalutated the 4250 Magellan vs the 700 series Garmin at BestBuy for a good long while.

I chose the Magellan for under $300 shipped from Amazon. My reasons:

Magellan had a much more responsive touch screen.
Magellan had much better speech/voice. The Garmin voice sounded too warbled/robotic.
Magellan had AAA integration and I just became a member.
Magellan had more warnings before turns, a better turn indication system, and a nice ding as the turn was being made, which I found helpful.
POIs were visiable on the Magellan map and it has a nice "Exit POI" feature.
Magellan came with AC adapter for home use/charging AND a storage bag, both of which Garmin lacks.
Magellan had voice commands, which I don't think Garmin did.
Magellan had built in traffic receiver.
Magellan picked up a real GPS signal in the store, the Garmins could not!?
A lot of times on the Garmin, the car icon ran off the road! Never happened on the Magellan.
Magellan was quite a bit cheaper.

Honestly, the only things going for the Garmin were a better trip computer, MSN Direct integration, FM transmitter, and more fluff features like MP3 playback. I don't see why everyone buys a Garmin?!?

Let's hope I don't find out why when it arrives!
alanmacdougall's Avatar alanmacdougall
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05-08-2008 | Posts: 70
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This thread was very helpful. I used a Megellan in a hertz car and loved it. I decided to purchase a Magellan 4250 on online at WARNING, do not buy anything from this website. They send me a e-mail to contact them. When I called they tried to make me purchase a "high speed" SD card for 49.95$ said it was "special" High speed and the unit will not work w/o it. Wrong, SD is basically a industry standard, you can buy one for much less and I believe the unit will work w/o it. Then he said the unit has 2006 maps and for $49.95 he would upgrade to 2008 maps. I believe the 4250 maps can be upgraded on line at Megellan for free. Is this correct? Anyhow, I felt like I was being scammed so I cancelled the order.
Flavius's Avatar Flavius
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05-08-2008 | Posts: 823
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Don't you know you should never buy anything from NYC online electronic stores? Anyway, I got mine at Amazon, very low price.
ttexas22's Avatar ttexas22
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05-08-2008 | Posts: 145
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Good choice, Alan. I've purchased from NYC electronics stores before, you've just got to do your research before committing the bucks. I hope you find another vendor to pick up your GPS.

batdude's Avatar batdude
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05-08-2008 | Posts: 353
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Hi Alan,
You were definately being scammed. You don't need an SD card but if you want one pretty much any card should work. And the Magellen 4250 just came out so it has the latest maps and there has never been an upgrade available (at least the last time I checked). They were completely lying to you.
alanmacdougall's Avatar alanmacdougall
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05-09-2008 | Posts: 70
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Thanks for the feedback, After trying to deal with another NYC scammer (, I ordered it from circuit city ($314.95 total). CC will deliver it for free or you can pick it up at a store near you. Can't wait to get it. I have to travel all over CA, I hope this makes my life easier.
batdude's Avatar batdude
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05-16-2008 | Posts: 353
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I own a Magellan 4250. I bought it in a hurry while on a trip and the price was 1/2 the cost of a Garman Nuvi at Costco. I had a chance to travel with a friend who has a Garman Nuvi unit so I can do a comparison of the two. I would take the magellan in a heartbeat.

1. Nuvi 750 was (not sure if still is) twice the price of the Magellan 4250.
2. Sometimes the Nuvi gives unclear directions. Things like "Turn left in 400 feet". How the heck should I know how far 400 feet is?? The Magellan gives clear and concise instructions that annouce the exit number etc starting 3 kilometers away and then counting down. Both units announce the street name but it seemed that sometimes the Nuvi only gave distance as you approached a turn.
3. The magellan then double-beeps (ding-ding) when you hit the spot where a turn is required. I REALLY missed that when using the Garman. Love that feature.
4. The Garman kept getting lost with instructions like "turn left, turn right, turn left" and losing the satellite signal. I have owned the Magellan 4250 for about 6 months now. It has never, not once, lost the satellite signal or given incorrect or confusing directions.
5. The garman's start-up time was much slower. The magellan seems to have the satellite signal even before you turn it on.
6. We kept taking wrong turns with the Nuvi due to unclear or incorrect directions (due to poor satellite reception I assume). I just don't experience that with the magellan. At one point we got lost using the Nuvi for about 20 minutes while we kept driving around in circles taking wrong exits and turns.

These are my humble opinions after having used both units. I am no expert. Some of the above information may be incorrect due to my lack of experience with the Garman unit over a long period of time.

I have to agree with Flavius. Why do people buy the Garman units???
alanmacdougall's Avatar alanmacdougall
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05-29-2008 | Posts: 70
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Thanks for the great feedback on the Magellan. I recieved the unit and it works great so far. No problems with setup, on/off or function. I wish it had more recent map data, my street isn't shown and its been around for ~2yrs. Next week is the big test in S CA.
CHP_VR's Avatar CHP_VR
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05-29-2008 | Posts: 3,287
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Just an FYI for those looking for the Nuvi 750.. I picked mine up at Sam's Club yesterday $299.22.
vili's Avatar vili
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05-29-2008 | Posts: 1,573
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Anyone found any good deals on the Magellan 4250? I've decided on getting this unit and the best price new I can get is from a merchant on amazon for $284 after shipping and $225 for a refurb from onsale. Thanks
Douglas-K's Avatar Douglas-K
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09-02-2008 | Posts: 1
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I'm looking at buying a Magellan 4250.

When you buy Garmin, you get a free update to make sure your maps are current. Is this the same with Magellan?

Reading this forum has been very helpful in making my purchase decision.

batdude's Avatar batdude
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09-02-2008 | Posts: 353
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Originally Posted by Douglas-K View Post

I'm looking at buying a Magellan 4250.

When you buy Garmin, you get a free update to make sure your maps are current. Is this the same with Magellan?


Yes. In fact the 4250 has a map update coming right away.
Real's Avatar Real
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09-12-2008 | Posts: 85
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Originally Posted by batdude View Post

Yes. In fact the 4250 has a map update coming right away.

Just bought a new 4250 from Amazon with firmware in the 2's (current is 4.6) and map data/POIs that is 2 years old. Firmware update is "free". The new updated map data from Magellan is not free. They want $80. I would say buy the Garmin with the free map update. This is certainly a better business model. I will be returning this.
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10-23-2008 | Posts: 2,212
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Thanks to all for the informative posts. It started me looking for which unit to get. I boiled it down to Magellan, the 5310 or the 4350. The 5310 has a 5" screen, but only 480x272 resolution. The 4350 has a 4.3" screen at 800x400. The 5310 has been out longer and it's maps are a few months older. Plus the 4350 has BT, voice command and can be carried around with you and used. The 4370, I am told, will offer better visibility in bright light, when it is released.

I'll be ordering a Magellan 4350 tonight.
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12-10-2008 | Posts: 1
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I've had both for about a week now and this is my pro and con list they both end up pretty equal. Sorry about the format it is cut and paste from excel

Garmin 750

Pro Con

(8) can add via points (1) trip planner has some glitches
fm transmitter takes a long time to turn on
(4) better navigation
pedestrian function (geocaching)
media player/picture viewer/calculator/currency converter/unit converter/language guide/ world clock (probably won't use these)
qwerty keypad
headphone jack
(5) better window mount
more voices (British, etc)
map screen has better graphics
you can choose what your car looks like
You can add POIs? - I haven't done this
screen can dim more
displays the speed limit on map screen

Magellan 4250

Pro Con

voice commands (3) Can't add via points
blue tooth capable
(7) can avoid specific streets
(10) smart spell function
(6) more route preferences
less expensive
separate charger for wall
AAA guide book
default to streets and turn screen if satelite reception is lost
(2) I like the trip planner better
turns on faster
(9) More info on map screen
with subscription you can get traffic updates
battery life appears to be longer?

(1) if you are going to a strip mall or some place with a large parking lot sometimes it doesn't register that you've made it to that destination so when you head to the next destination it tells you to make a u-turn because you haven't made it to your first destination. There is probably a better way around this but it isn't intuitive.
(2) you enter several addresses and when you have reached one you can just choose the next destination
(3) you can only add exit POIs while you are heading to a current destination which means that unless the change you want to make is in the next few exits of a freeway you can't add it to your trip unless you cancel your trip and create a new trip with the new destination entered from the beginning.
(4) Often recalculates faster than the magellan and recognizes faster routes than the Magellan but only marginally faster (a couple of minutes)
(5) smaller, easier on and off and easier to adjust
(6) Fastest time, least use of freeways, shortest distance, most use of free ways vs. faster time, shorter distance, off road
(7) when you see a specific street in the street name view you can just touch that street and the magellan will avoid that street (handy if you know a certain street is traffic ridden) vs garmin you can only avoid u-turns, highways, toll roads, traffic (if available), ferries, carpool lanes, unpaved roads
(8) with the garmin you can make adjustments to your route while you are in route to a destination compare to #3
(9) Map screen on magellan names the current street as well as the next street and displays an arrow describing the next turn. It also has a volume control on the map screen and it has small icons for gas, atm, etc that you can touch for more info.
(10) as you spell your destination city, and street name the keyboard will shade and deactivate letters that would not follow which helps you type faster and not hit the wrong letters
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12-18-2008 | Posts: 13
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Originally Posted by vili View Post

Anyone found any good deals on the Magellan 4250? I've decided on getting this unit and the best price new I can get is from a merchant on amazon for $284 after shipping and $225 for a refurb from onsale. Thanks

Try Tigerdirect, Newegg, or eBay - they tend to have some good deals, particularly if you don't mind a refurb.
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02-10-2009 | Posts: 1
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You guys convinced me to buy the maestro. But I think you could have convinced me to shave my balls just as easy so whatever.

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