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innomind's Avatar innomind 02:30 PM 08-24-2008
Hello everyone!
My ten-months old SR7 started playing tricks on me. The video becomes gerky after about 25 minutes into recording from a cold start. And it's not just on the LCD screen, it does record the footage that way as well. There are two types of gerkiness; the mild one I described above, and the extreme when video is all blurry and wavy as if it's melting. The wavy type happens outside in the sun at around 83 degree F weather. I contacted Sony and they said I must pay repair charge $240, after about 30 minutes they agreed to do it for $121.95. Yet, I am still not convinced that one must pay for repair after about ten months of use. I strongly believe this overheating issue is a SONY engineering flaw, this camcorder has new tapeless technology. I always use my electronics gently, and have been a loyal SONY customer for over twenty years, this is my third SONY camcorder, first two are PC10, and HC90. However, if they don't honor my request all I am left with is filing a lawsuit to reimburse full price of this $1,120.00 camcorder so that I can go and get a different brand that proves to be practical with tapeless technology.

I have posted the wavy - extreme gerkiness footage for you to see what I am talking about. It's on Vimeo, simply search for "innomind" user. This forum does not allow me to post a link to it since it's my first post...

Any comments are appreciated!



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