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skylerhughes's Avatar skylerhughes 10:44 AM 05-09-2009
DIY let me know what you think

osv's Avatar osv 05:18 PM 05-09-2009
good job... that's a great rig for holding the camcorder down low, towards the floor, and walking around... putting the wide angle lens on there is mandatory, because it lessens the perception of shake.

you should see the rig i made... hf11 powered by a canon ma100 shoulder mount battery pack, with a functional xlr interface, am/fm receiver for piping in tower audio at the track, and a vive surround mike on a bracket that i hacked together from hardware store parts... it's all bolted up to a 2 inch wide strip of aluminum, which i fasten to a belt bracket... unfortunately i haven't figured out how to fasten it to a tripod yet :-/
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