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rzxrey's Avatar rzxrey 10:36 AM 08-28-2011
Originally Posted by T.Huntley View Post

From what i've read and seen, the Panny is better in low light than that particular Canon

It also produces better colours, a sharper image, and better stabilisation

So if I had to choose, i'd go with the Panny

I've read the same thing too. But I guess its just personal preference. To the TS, i would really recommend going into a store and get a hands-on experience with both of the cameras. My brother was rooting for the TM900 because of all the reviews he was reading, but went to buy the M41. Reason? With small hands, holding the TM900 was difficult for him.
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ftlum's Avatar ftlum 11:12 AM 12-12-2011
I've been trying to decide between these 2 cameras also. I can find almost nothing reviewing the S30 and don't see where anyone compared the low light to the TM900. I'm guessing that its very similar to the S21, though.

The S30 does not seem to be very popular for whatever reason. Do people not like it?

- Frank
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