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I had high hopes for the image stabilization on my CX-760V but have been disappointed. I don't see a noticeable improvement over my Sony XR-500, which is about 3 years old now (with both in Active stabilization mode and shooting the same stationary subjects). I have two levels of problems with unsteady hands.

1) a high frequency shake from a small to moderate benign left-hand tremor (The medical term is "Essential Tremor"). Both camcorders eliminate this high frequency shake completely.

2) small unintended movements where the picture moves up or down, right or left, or tilts slightly to the left or right and then back the other way. I don't think this movement is related to my tremor. I see this type of movement in many handheld videos on youtube and vimeo. (There are techniques for how to hold the camcorder to minimize this movement, but there is a limit on how much you can do -- a human isn't a tripod.) With this type of unintended movement, the active stabilization in the 760 doesn't do any better than the active stabilization in my XR-500, which is why I am disappointed.

Here's some theory from someone completely unqualified to comment on camcorder design (me): It seems to me that camcorder designers must program the stabilization algorithms to decide when movement is unintentional, and when it is intentional, such as a pan. Based on that decision, it either tries to compensate, or doesn't try to compensate. I wonder if what is happening on the movement mentioned in #2 above is that the camcorder's stabilization algorithm doesn't try to compensate when it sees this type of movement because it decides the movement is intentional? It would seem impossible to program a camcorder to distinguish between small intentional movement and small unintentional movement. It could base it on how much the camera moves, but if it has to wait until it sees how much movement occurs, it is too late - the movement has already happened.

If there were a way to tell the camcorder when you don't intend to pan or zoom, and that any movement it sees will be unintentional, then it seems it could be programmed compensate immediately when it sees any movement. I wonder if this is what is described on the NX30U as "Fixed Mode"? There is a button on the camcorder to engage this stabilization mode. This is how it is described in the sales literature:

"To optimize the effect of Balanced Optical SteadyShot, the HXR-NX30 features a FIXED SHOT mode. Press a button and this expands the movable range of the optical block to keep you locked on your subject. This is particularly convenient when you want to maintain the same shooting angle for an extended period."

Do you suppose this Fixed Mode does exactly what I described when I said "if there were a way to tell the camcorder that any movement it sees is unintentional"? If that is what Fixed Mode is, and if it really works, I would consider upgrading.

What is the experience of other owners of the 7xx series with the floating lens ,with regard to noticeable improvement or lack thereof, over the previous generation of Sony stabilization?
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As I am in the market for one of this range of videocameras (I was originally looking at the CX730) I have been reading this entire thread to learn more actual user experiences and practical issues one might encounter. Then I set out to find somewhere to buy but as things go, this camera appears to be EOL after being only available in retail for a year. Here in The Netherlands stock ran out about 2 months ago.
Sony is apparently pushing their projector range of pretty much the same camera now, where current pricing is about 200 Euro higher than the equivalent cameras last known price and the 730 did not get an equivalent so all versions now have an amount of internal storage in addition to the still available cardslot.

Knowing this, I went ahead to check this new range of cameras and found a similar thread to this very thread here on the forums.
I figure I'll be checking on that thread from now on instead, see if some more user experiences are posted and sit out the time needed to either raise the extra money or for the cameras to be reduced in price, which following pricing curves from the previous models might happen in a couple of months.

Now this post is not directly an 'owner' post however as more people are following this thread as prospect owners, I felt this might be helpful information.
Let's get some great footage soon! biggrin.gif

Cheers from Amsterdam!
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I've had my CX760V for about 3 months now. Have collected quite a few accessories and some pretty good prices as well. Although my experience in shooting video is minimal, I'm of the nature to perform comparisons when learning new equipment. I've also taken as many opportunities to use my new camcorder to aid me in leaning more about its features and best ways to shoot.

With different shooting environments, comes different results. And since the camcorder has three different level settings, I choose when one to use based on the shoot I'm performing. If I know I'm going to be outside, such as a concert in the park, then I put the camcorder in its highest "Active" level of SteadyShot. When doing this, I don't expect a perfectly still shot as I'm moving from time to time.

As I watch the news, or other video being displayed on TV that involves outdoor shots, I notice the cameraman also has movement being display. Perhaps its a small amount, but its still there and you really don't notice it. (At least I hadn't until I started using this new unit).

If I'm indoors, then I change the setting the camcorder so it doesn't try and correct verticle movement, only horizontal.

The current methods of holding the camera I use are either the Sony Tripod V80. The Sony Smart Grip (with the intelligent controls), or on a Benro MonoPod (also using the extended remote cable unit). I rarely hold the camera to perform shoots, but on occasion for small things I will.

Because of some recent shooting I'm performing (concerts in the park), that spans over 3 hours, I'm looking into getting a shoulder brace. Now the CX760V isn't all that heavy, but after a few shoots, I've found that I can get away with some smoother video, still be able to squat for those low shots and get back up high, say on a bench without having to collapse the MonPod for just a single shot. Sure there will still be movement, expected, but it will be more consistent.

Never-the-less, I've had other watch the video's I have shot, and there amazed at how smooth the shoots are, in comparison to higher end pro-units being used in the concert shoots. (I've been assigned to get crowd shots and the like).

I believe much of it has a lot to do with learning principles of video shooting. Elsewhere in this forum I found a post thats been helpful for me, and it reads the following:

Here are some tips:

1. Never run with the camera while shooting.

2. Never pan the camera fast while shooting.

3. Never pan at all while shooting (violate infrequently).

4. Never zoom fast while shooting.

5. Never zoom at all while shooting (violate infrequently).

If you start with these rules you will shoot much more effective video. These rules are particularly important for shooting action sports. Watch ESPN regularly and study how they shoot whatever sport you are interested in. The Sony CX760 has the most effective stabilizer in any camera. If you shoot video correctly it will be extremely useful.

The link to the thread containing this post is here:
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