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Hi, Andrew Emiliozzi here. I am 20 years old. I am a professional vocalist/guitarist/bassist/writer/energy worker.
I have big plans to utilize my experiences, and apply them in ways that can provide a great benefit/chain reaction for the present-past of the future.

For those who are unaware of energy work. There is a man who is now one of the most influential spiritual leaders on the planet. Dr.Masaru Emoto. One of the things he became famous for, was for flash-freezing water, and identifying a very strong level of passive communication between the definition of the word that was written and labeled on the jar that held the water, and the molecular structure of the water as it reacted to the labeling.

After the Earthquake and Tsunami in japan just over a year ago, A line of Buddhist Monks stepped to the edge of the nearby sea and repeated a prayer. "Water, I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you. Thankyou." After they had finished a session, everyone noticed that the odor was gone. There was a remarkable difference. Every 11th of every month, they hold healing ceremonies. It is so beautiful.

I love to do energy work with nature, where I apply my body, mind, emotion, and spirit to generate divine-love energy in synchornization, in harmony, as one with myself and my environment, with my creation and my creator.

I noticed that when I do this energy work, together, we can create incredible amounts of energy that we use to heal and develop.

I want to create a business, where I offer both free information, and information at a price. This information needs to go global, and transcend into active-collective consciousness. I shouldn't have to do this, this way, in my opinion. This should be common knowledge. The world should be different.

Now to why I'm here on this forum. I need a quality hd camera that will be perfect in capturing these demonstrations:

I'm going to be filming at least one demonstration with a major waterfall, where to be blunt on not providing enough information in a way that actually is described in an incorrect description: I'm going to stop the water fall, make it go through different shifts/ frequencies of generating energy, and crank up the awesomeness again by making it generate more energy, as in needing a scientific research foundation.

In another one, I'm going to be filming a pyrokinesis demonstration, where I do the same thing with the fire as I do with the waterfall, another one with the wind, and another one with the sun.

I will also perform demonstrations of ETHERKINESIS! Where I will be able to project divine signals of sound. etherkinesis will be very very very evident with the other demonstrations, but one thing that is very very very cool that I've done about 3 times, is I've been able to project my voice without singing, as in through my PA system and through my best friends guitar cabinet at the same time, I've been able to amplify my voice through thunder, etc. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have so many stories... OMG. Like how I got a picture of a mosquito bite at my friends birthday party, and it was in the shape of a perfect heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And back to a serious note. I would really appreciate the advice, I feel that I need to get this going, and growing. If I had an army, we could generate so much energy, we could influence great change in the world economy, we could prevent natural disasters, and we could shape the future.

If you have questions, or answers, statements, I am at your service.

I don't recommend you try any of this unless you're with me.


Oh also, I've had many healing experiences with some pretty big stuff. So if someone needs a session from me, I would be more than happy to see what I can do. The best things in life are free. Blessings.
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Welcome to AVS Andrew.

I must say that is a hell of a first post........wink.gif

What is your budget for a camcorder?
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