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Bondtana's Avatar Bondtana 12:42 PM 01-17-2013
Hi everybody. I need some advice.

I own a canon vixia hfs100 & I am satisfied with the footage I get from it.

I am getting ready to shop for a B camera to get some extra coverage when I'm filming interviews, which often are in relatively dark music studios.

Would it be possible for me to pick up a camera with comparable quality footage, for less money than a vixia? Maybe something that is good in low light?

xfws's Avatar xfws 01:41 PM 01-17-2013
The Canon HF M400, M40, M41 and HFM500, M50, M52 all have the HD CMOS Pro sensor which is known for low-light ability.
The HF M4xx's take the same batteries as your HF S100, whereas the newer HF M5xx camcorders take a newer battery type.

You may be able to find some "manufactured refurbished" HF M4xx's on ebay.

Be careful not to get the cheaper "R" series (like HF R100) as they don't have that pro/low-light sensor.
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