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ReFLeX135's Avatar ReFLeX135 07:47 PM 01-30-2013
Hey guys. I'm all good with editing these files. However, once the files are moved off the SD card and onto the computer for storage, can they be placed back onto the SD card and be playable somehow?

For example, you have a 32 GB SD card, fill it up, copy files to your computer with HD Writer, then wipe the card. Then you are visiting someone and want to show a previous video through HDMI to a TV rather than a Blu ray DVD...

For me, if I place them in some of the folders on the SD card the camcorder does not display them in the list of videos able to be played.


bsprague's Avatar bsprague 10:49 AM 01-31-2013
I have not done it for awhile, but my HD Writer Version 2.6 will do that. But, it requires you use HD Writer to move the files both directions. If you use other software the little Panasonic accessory files that keep track of things get messed up. Nor will HD Writer like it if you have used any other editor on your videos. In other words the .moff, .pmpd, .tmb and .cont files have to stay synchronized with the .m2ts parent file for you camcorder to work as a media player.

On mine, the feature is "Copy to Media" and, if the SD card or camera is present, they will be destination choices.

ReFLeX135's Avatar ReFLeX135 11:53 AM 01-31-2013
Thanks Bill, that's perfect. I think I have vs. 2.1? Either way I think I remember seeing that ability but never knew how to make it work. I'll try it out tonight.

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