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02-15-2013 | Posts: 2
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So I am using this camcorder tomorrow, rented from my colleges media center, to video tape us pitcher (I'm on the baseball team). We want to use it to analyze our pitching motions. I have no idea how to work the thing, so my question is, can someone help me to understand how to use the most powerful settings in terms of framerate and quality, as well as not losing this during video editing in Windows Movie Maker or during the uploading process to youtube. Please let me know as the information would be appreciate!
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Select Shutter Priority mode. Set fast[er] shutter speed. Shoot in interlaced mode (60i). Deinterlace with "bob" method (convert every field into frame, that will give you 60 frames/s). You don't have to deinterlace, but it is easier to work with progressive-scan video, and you will need to deinterlace for YouTube anyway. Then drop it onto 30fps timeline and slow down to 0.5 speed. If not enough, slow down to 0.25 speed. If still not slow enough and you want fluid motion, research plugins like Twixtor. Render at 30p and upload to YouTube.
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Thank you for the response!
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