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ronlhodges's Avatar ronlhodges 09:10 PM 06-03-2013
I been waiting on Bhphoto to contact me and let me know if the remote was in stock but they never did so I decided to check again myself and it showed it was in stock ! Only thing is it went from $14.00 +s/h to $24.99 +s/h . WHAT ??? $10.00 jump , man what a price increase ! So I checked out and found they had it for $17.99 + $2.99 s/h . So I figure if the price is going to go up like that it might keep going up so I ordered it from Amazon and got it today . Now I know a few have asked questions about it so i'll just fill everyone in what it can and cannot do in a short paragraph .

First : IFyour camcorder is powered off the remote WILL NOT TURN ON THE CAMCORDER so don't have any hopes that it will .


Third : YOU have to go into settings on the camcorder and TURN ON REMOTE CONTROL .

Fourth : Turn the camcorder facing you but flip the LCD DISPLAY towards you also .

Fifth : You CAN adjust Settings and Functions with the remote .

Sixth : You CANNOT review images or videos from the remote .

Seventh : You CAN start recording , pause , then continue recording , then stop recording with the remote .

One thing I have not had a chance to test yet is how far from the camcorder can you be and still operate the camcorder with the remote but I will do so soon as I can . Now if anyone else has one and they can review images and videos with their remote then I ask PLEASE reply here and tell me how to do so !!

Overall review so far the remote is well worth what I paid and if anyone is trying to decide to get one I suggest they do so now before the price goes up more or they run out of stock again for a time period . It's very small so easily carried and it does come with battery . To open the battery door is some what catchy tho . Where you are suppose to slide it out , there is a little slide that must be pushed inward then slide the battery holder out . If your not careful you can easily brake this part cause it acts like a slide lock to keep the holder from coming out and loosing the battery , so becareful when you open the battery holder . It seems to be well built and it is an Authentic Canon product . So if your interested and need one I do recommend this remote that works with selected Canon Consumer Camcorders .

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