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raidsystemtech's Avatar raidsystemtech 06:52 AM 06-14-2013

I am trying to find the acceptable file format for the SD card.

For some reason the camera is unable for format the card itself and keep giving me errors. I want to try to format the SD card from my computer but I need to know what type of file format this requires.

Does anyone know


xfws's Avatar xfws 10:20 AM 06-14-2013
You can full format the card on your computer to erase everything, but the card always has to be formatted/initialized in the camera in order for it to work.

You can download SD Formatter to clear the tables on the SD card and then try again formatting in the camera.

Otherwise, there's no way to format the card for recording via the computer...always must be formatted in the HF100.
bsprague's Avatar bsprague 11:27 AM 06-14-2013
Cards come formatted. I think it is usually "FAT 32".

I've not had any trouble using Windows Explorer (Win 7) to format SD cards. I didn't know there was special software for it.

Larger cards may be different. The manual will tell you what cards to use. You may need to use SD or SDHC. You might not be able to use SDXC. Each will have the appropriate format when you buy it.

Don't forget to have the "write protect" tab in the right spot.

"Formatting" seems to have at least two definitions. In a computer it can be two things. One, is a slow low level structure process that leaves a blank card that checks for sector errors, etc. The other is a quick erase process that leaves a blank card. The camera it does not do either. It erases what is on the card and creates a file structure to store you photos, videos and camera brand specific information that is used to communicate with the brand specific software that came with your camera.

I suppose one could create the file structure by hand in a computer, but there are better uses of time!

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