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RobAC's Avatar RobAC 09:07 PM 12-16-2013
Just came across this in another forum:,l-us.html

Sweet !
Added to my Christmas list.


Chas Tennis's Avatar Chas Tennis 07:40 AM 12-17-2013
High speed video cameras vs post processing for slowed playback.

As long as users understand that there are two different worlds being described by the term 'slo motion' - recording and post processing. .

1) Post processing of video files for slowed playback at 30 fps. These videos played at 30 fps will display rapid motion is a way that is easier to view and can be HD. Excellent for entertainment. However, when the application creates false frames it can no longer be assumed accurate for the analysis of motion.

2) High speed video recording. This is useful for accurate motion analysis and especially stop-action single-frame analysis. The cameras that record at high frame rates, such as 240 fps, can be used for analysis and are cheap. They usually have reduced resolution at higher frames rates.

Low cost camera capable of tennis, golf, and other athletic motion analysis.
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