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03-29-2007 | Posts: 19
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I just purchased the HV20 from B&H, but I didn't get the extended warranty (yet). It looks like they (and quite a few other online companies) only offer the Mack extended warranty. Since I'm in the Midwest, I'm not sure about getting an extended warranty serviced out of NJ. Does anyone have any experience with the Mack warranty? Does Canon offer an extended warranty themselves?
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04-03-2007 | Posts: 19
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Sorry to bump my own thread, still looking to see if anyone has any opinions. I'm thinking I will go without the Mack warranty because:
  1. By the time I purchase the warranty, mail the camera, and purchase the return postage, I'll be at about $150.
  2. It sounds like Mack doesn't send the camcorder to Canon to be repaired if required.
  3. The online reviews have been very mixed.

If anyone has any prior history with the Mack extended warranty (or any other warranty I might be able to get) I'd like to hear about it.
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