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Originally Posted by tritium6 View Post
My electrician installed my RR2 dimmers in metal boxes despite my request to use plastic. Am I correct in thinking that I need to insist that he replace these with plastic boxes to enable the radio signal to permeate the box?
Nope, they will be fine in metal boxes. I have a 4000 sg ft home, with only one main repeater, and everything works fine. Being in the Chicagoland area, everything is run through conduit and into metal boxes. I do use lutron plastic switchplates.

Lutron put a lot of thought and engineering into RR2, I'm sure they thought of metal switch boxes
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I called the Lutron tech support line and they verified that RadioRa2 dimmers can communicate through metal wallboxes without a problem.
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The RA dimmers will work in metal. The faceplate is plastic, so there's your radiating point. I'd imagine a metal box would be less convenient.

Is this new construction? What size is the house?

RA2 speaks from the switches to their paired main repeater. You may want to test things to make sure your placement of the repeater(s) is going to provide effective coverage. For up to 100 devices you can use 1 main repeater and then another 4 auxiliary repeaters slaved to it. For more than 100 devices you can add a 2nd main repeater and, likewise, another 4 aux repeaters. The aux repeaters can be up to 60' from their paired main repeater. It's also possible to hard-wire a link between them.

If you've got any switches that are more than about 30 direct feet away from the repeater you may need to either move it or add an aux repeater. I moved our two main repeaters to the 1st floor office closet, a location about dead-center in reach to all devices. It had been previously placed in the basement, about 1/3 from the front, but hard to the left side of the house. A few dimmers in the second floor master suite were intermittent in getting programming. They were about 50' from the repeater, drawing a direct line. The new repeater location puts them all within 40'. That 10' made a difference.

Perhaps you could rig up a few of the most distant devices and make sure they're functioning as expected.

If not I'd still lean toward using a different location or aux repeaters. Why? Because plastic ones are notoriously crappy at presenting a level box. All too often they're crooked 'just enough' to be annoying. Especially when you get into 2 gang or more sizes. This only gets worse when the drywall crew gets sloppy...
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RadioRa2 Dual Occupancy Sensors?

I've forgotten this from training, can you put a pair of occupancy sensors in a large space to make it such that if either sensor sees activity for the predetermined time the light stays on and it only turns off if neither have seen activity for the preset time? I want to do this in a garage and not turn off if say, I'm vacuuming out a car from in between cars (not seen from one sensor but seen from another).

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