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There is clearly some sort of spam crusade going on here. There have been a lot of people lately who sign up and make their first post in this area, and it's some sort of pro or anti- compaign for this or that product. It's been suddenly happning a lot lately. I dunno. Is it something done by the folks that AVS have signed up with in order to keep traffic up by keeping the level of contention high, or some conspiracy theory thing like that? But it's certainly happened more in the last copule months than I can remember here for years. Yes, there was contention in many cases, but among people who had been here for quite a while generally. This sort of hit and run (or love and run) stuff I can't remember ever being anything like it is now.

is it just me being paranoid?

Dean Roddey
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No it is not just you Dean. For sure there are a lot of hit and runs in this subforum. I don't think it has anything to do with AVS Forum management though.

I think people are just stumbling on the forum thinking it is easy picking for business.
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You're definitely not the only one that's noticed it. People's experience with a product is usually seen by the type of comments they make. Some make them because they've had one bad experience. Some because they lack the skill needed to understand, design, install and program the products. I've stood behind Savant because they have a good product. There are drawbacks but this is the case with ANY system you are going to purchase. The things that will make a system a success (NO MATTER WHICH SYSTEM) are the expertise that a good CI brings to the table IE Design, Install and Management.

I am Pro:

I am Anti:
Control4 (because I simply don't like it based on my use in places like the ARIA hotel in vegas for example)
Elan (There were too many drawbacks years ago when we worked with it for me turn back)

I've made a statement or two that was questionable but sometimes people come in with an Axe to grind and it just doesn't make sense.
Too bad the forum isn't broken up a little more for this section IE Savant, AMX, Crestron etc etc that way when someone comes searching for something they'll see multiple posts, both positive and negative, and can then create a legit informed opinion.

just my .02 cents

"I'm just a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it"
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rpoulos, I am a Savant programmer, if you are still having issues, I'll try to help where I can...
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Hi everyone...this is my first post.. I am new to the Southeastern Michigan area. I've am currently getting ready to start construction on my dream home. I Have been scouring the internet for reviews etc, on the Savant system and came across this thread. I would be interested in speaking to anyone with experience with this company (Savant) or the dealers in the Southestern Michigan area. I certainly do not wan to make a HUGE mistake.

I had been looking at Control4, however let's just say I "drink the apple cool aide " and I like the premise of utilizing my current apple gear in conjunction with automating my new home. I would like to have my home completely wired for a phased implementation. I look forward to you responses. Thanks in advance for the advice.

Best Regards, Sean:cool:
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Crestron, Savant, Control4, and others allow control with iPads and iPhones.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. -Buddha

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iRule. I'm high on the iRule kool-aid right now. For me, the biggest benefit is that I can have complete control over my system. If I want to change the way my UI looks or add a new device, I don't have to call an installer to come out and do it (for $$$ of course). And, professional installers are even using iRule. So you could find a professional installer, have them design your system within your budget, get it all hooked up, and then give you the keys to your palace. That's different with Crestron et al. as you're just renting the palace, they never give you the keys.

And it's cheaper than the others. I was looking at Control4 for my whole home A/V needs, and I was able to get the quote down to about $15k. Moving it all over to iRule and doing it myself, I'm at $7k. Not bad if you ask me. You should definitely check it out.
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More Savant Problems

Yup, another one. I started a new job in April, and inherited a new Savant SmartAudio and SmartLink controller. Problems from day one, mostly due to the integrator. Problem 1 was the Polycom system. Standard HDX-8000, nothing exotic, never had sound from the unit, although the integrator swears it works. Best of all, twice we've had video conferences drop, and we were not able to reconnect while the network connection goes through Savant. I've had to bypass the controller unit and go directly switch-to-Polycom to get it to function properly.
Other problems are less critical, but equally annoying, like the screen drops in modes where it's not supposed to. We used to be able to direct VGA output to either the drop screen or LCD, but now it's drop down or nothing. I've been shopping around for a new vendor, but NOBODY I've called, including the vendor I worked with at my last job, wants to have anything to do with Savant. His recommendation after a site survey: Replace the system with Crestron. Is there anyone I can trust in the San Francisco Bay area who can fix these things once and for all? I'm an IT guy, with way too much on his plate to keep dealing with annoying AV problems.
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