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Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 08:09 AM 04-17-2012
I need to replace an electric overhead garage door opener.

I've seen mention of newer 'smart' models that are difficult to automate.

Any model recs, or features to avoid?

Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 08:44 AM 04-17-2012
I'll add that I'm using RA2, but would also like to control the garage door using contact closures.

When the RA2 VCRX RF Receiver is used with HomeLink, I think any opener with HomeLink would be fine, since the momentary CCOs of the VCRX wouldn't be used to control the opener. Correct?
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 08:39 AM 04-18-2012
For the record, Lutron TS said the Chamberlain Smart Control Panel would be shorted by the VCRX, when pulsed.

I'll skip the Chamberlain Smart Control panel.
ELECTRICDON's Avatar ELECTRICDON 07:56 PM 04-18-2012
In any garage door integration you will need to abandon the fancy wall controls that the garage door installer provides and use a simple momentary contact wall control (doorbell push button or the like) then your integrator should be able to figure it out.
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