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mikeakadaze's Avatar mikeakadaze 03:31 PM 04-26-2012
I have been trying to do some research on home automation systems and the more searching I do the more confused I get.

I am looking for a system with similar capabilities of Control 4 but with software that is open to the public. I have had Control 4 with basic operation and was able to program it for a short time.

I can dedicate a PC for activities and such.

I do not care about A/V distro since I want the system to run smooth and to be independent except for a few lamps but I will use an IR system for the lamps.

I am mainly looking for thermostat control, lighting controls, security and remote access. I would also like something that will take if then commands to create lighting activities. For example: motion after 12PM in the kitchen the system will being the lights up to 40%.

Anyone have suggestions!?

Thanks in advance!

Deane Johnson's Avatar Deane Johnson 03:58 PM 04-26-2012
You seem to be describing a software based control system. There are multiple choices at varying prices and required skill levels. Each has it's strengths. I have no knowledge of how Control4 works, so I can't make a direct comparison.

I use Elve myself for it's exceptional stability, robust capabilities, easy to program and low cost. Perhaps the software with the largest user base, but more expensive, is HomeSeer. CQC is popular, but has a steeper learning curve. Any of these are capable of doing a good job.

Basically, these are three that you should take a look at to determine which might be appealing for your application. There may be something else I have overlooked, but I'm sure someone will jump in with a suggestion.

Having open control of your own installation is wise, IMO.
potts.mike's Avatar potts.mike 06:53 PM 04-26-2012
Check out for another good automation forum.
Boogereater's Avatar Boogereater 07:36 AM 04-27-2012
I would go with an HAI Omni to perform the lighting, security, hvac, and remote access. I would go with an HAI HTX2 for a/v control. The HTX2 has an interface for ipads that can be customized.
falcon999's Avatar falcon999 05:47 PM 04-27-2012
i'm actually about to build a homeseer system, not too expensive and integrates with zwave, and x10, insteon and upb. looks like a pretty good support forum and good plugins.

I don't mind diy and this one looks pretty good, homeseer sells the software but you can also buy a imbedded system as well.
Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 09:03 PM 04-27-2012
Check out the Elk M1 Gold and HAI OPII. Search for info at cocoontech forums.
mikeakadaze's Avatar mikeakadaze 06:12 PM 04-28-2012
Thank you everyone for your responses! I am thinking Homeseer also. It seems to be pretty well documented and pretty flexible!
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