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Mark P's Avatar Mark P 03:59 PM 11-20-2012
I'm trying to research an upgrade to security camera upgrades from some Panasonics that are 5 years old.

My questions are mainly these

Can you get indoor and outdoor cameras that sends and records video through a wireless network, we have some buildings close enough for me to pop in some Airport express bridges to my Apple Timecapsule then somehow run some sort of DVR type program that I could watch the video at a later date?

If this is possible, lets say I have like 10 cameras, wouldnt this bottleneck my LAN if 10 cameras are sending video and audio?

If this is possible I mainly run Mac, but have Windows on bootcamp since most " stuff " is for this stuff cloud based?

What brand is the most reliable and DIY friendly, the panasonic line was fairly picky and actually used their web based software which actually choked our ISP which is wireless to begin with, I mainly just want to keep this on the LAN, I'm seeing they make security camera DVRs but it appears like they need to be hard wired to the Cameras, can they they use your LAN store the different videos and USB into your computer and then Apple TV to a TV or projector?

cmullens's Avatar cmullens 01:04 PM 11-27-2012
I have a system made up of three indoor and three outdoor cameras. These are all connected through my wifi network. I have not done a lot of testing, but I have been able to stream at least one HD video while all six cameras have been active and using the same wifi network. I purchased cameras from multiple manufacturers for comparison purposes. The software is the biggest difference between the manufacturers. None of the provided software allowed me to tie in cameras from other manufacturers. I ended up purchasing a third party product with a monthly fee of about $8. This provides a nice interface that is accessible from my phone as well as an interface that is accessible from any computer with WWW access. You can probably save yourself this cost if you buy cameras from one manufacturer. My system records to a home server. I can access the video from any LAN connected computer. Cameras are set to record on motion detection and upload videos to The whole project only took a few hours to complete once I settled on the software. Hanging the cameras was the most time consuming part.
Mark P's Avatar Mark P 02:41 PM 11-27-2012
Yeah I went the DVR / camera route, very nice and simple actually. Where you can run wires do it, where you cant just run wireless. Hook it up to an airport express and you're done
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