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Evaluating a Nest given the slightly lower prices

Currently, I have a Honeywell Thermostat (upstairs and downstairs) which has features like week schedules, skip days, 4 different settings for each day etc.

Given this, what additional benefit will Nest thermostat give me? Fact I can control from Internet/remotely?

Thanks in advance!
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Yeah, that's the main advantage assuming one can properly set up a 7-day programmable thermostat... biggrin.gif If not, the learning aspect would be useful.

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Originally Posted by iAusio80 View Post

Evaluating a Nest given the slightly lower prices
Currently, I have a Honeywell Thermostat (upstairs and downstairs) which has features like week schedules, skip days, 4 different settings for each day etc.
Given this, what additional benefit will Nest thermostat give me? Fact I can control from Internet/remotely?
Thanks in advance!

I did a lot of research about NEST Gen 2 and the additional benefit you will gain compared to your current configuration is the simplicity of a self-learning device adjusting itself to your family habits assuming you trust that those ex-Apple developers have truly created a more energy efficient algorithm to save you money.

Some people posted that they have seen zero decrease in their monthly bill while others have seen up to 15% reduction.

Other than looking stylish and being remotely controllable via the apps coming with the device there is no guarantee that you will save money but most likely you might.

For me personally I am waiting for the first proper integration into Zigbee so I can integrate this into my home automation system. The first drivers have just been released and wikipedia has just been updated claiming Zigbee support for all gens of NEST which needs to be seen and proven first.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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I installed 8 of these in my house (one is newer Nest 2) and love them: and am looking forward to a Nest approved integration protocol

Keep in mind Control 4 released a WiFi integration program for this thermostat and Nest asked them to remove it from their control system: they removed it. So any integration program, WiFi or Zigbee, will have to be approved by Nest ( I am confidant they will release licensed software for third party integration at some point )

I am big into home automation with an RTI system and RR2: I tried various thermostats looking for one that could be integrated, and the Nest was clearly the choice for me.

Since I use the IOS app for most everything, I don't mind switching to the Nest app when I want to control temperature

I have had pretty good luck with them: Wi Fi issues got resolved with an Asus router: Nest support is very good: my Nest 2 thermostat went bad and they replaced it quickly for me.

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I have two Nest t-stats and love them. I came from Robert Shaw programmable stats and these are far and away better and more customizable. Your mileage may vary due to your current system, but being able to set each hour of each day is priceless considering what I had before. The learning function and auto away feature has been great, as in the past my system would have stayed on as normal even if I had left for the day and not turned it down. Remotely controlling from work is also great, not that you can't get another stat to do that, but for me it's money in the bank.
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To be completely honest, 99.9% of the Nest advantage is that it is gorgeous. The other 0.1% is the web/phone interface, which I use frequently.

Your going to put a full schedule program in it anyway (it is very programmable via the web), because the self learning isn't that useful.

I suppose the auto-away sensing might save you a few bucks if you forget to turn the thermostat down when you go out of town.

I did see this cool KickStarter project today that integrates with Nest supposedly, so I guess the popularity and integration aspects may have future advantage.

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I found the self-learning very useful in my situation. It depends on your situation family members that are home etc.... I have saved more money this summer by using this thermostat than have this winter over my Control4 thermostat, but just this past summer's savings paid for the thermostat.
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I've had one for a few months and I love it too. In my case the learning feature was not useful so I shut it off. A couple of days while I was home I decided to turn up the heat because I was feeling a little ill. It learned that and it added to the schedule. In this case if I wasn't OCD about checking the house and it's temp I'd be wasting money. Otherwise it's great. as someone said it looks damn cool. The interface is great and the other features like Auto-Away and it's ability to learn how long it will take to reach a certain temp is pretty cool too.

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I have had several programmable thermostats over the years and since I added the thermostat to my control4 system I am much happier. I suppose the same can be accomplished with Savant or RTI or Crestron or AMX or whatever. I don't want or need learning or programmable timers for heating or cooling. The problem with the programmable thermostats I have had is that people's schedules change or are not consistant. Sometimes I leave the house at 6 or 7, sometimes 9 or 10. I get home at different times too. So a weekly schedule leaves me freezing cold during the day if I am home or heating an unoccupied home more often than not.

The only thing I think that could improve my event based thermostat programming is if my Android phone could send a signal to my home to adjust the temperature when the phone's GPS or cell location senses that I am a few minutes from home. I read someone is doing that now but can't remember who. This way it would already be warm or cool, no matter when I randomly show up. Though, if you work close to home it could malfunction, I suppose.

I suggest you integrate your thermostat with your automation system and have it heat or cool based on events, not timers. For example, when my security system is armed to 'away', the system knows there will be nobody home so it turns down. If armed to stay, or armed within certain time of day parameters, it can behave differently. Plus all of the cool lighting and other events you can base events on. Tons of fun.

Buying a fancy overhyped thermostat will negate any energy savings. You might make back the cost of the thermostat in 10 years. It's a thermostat. How groundbreaking or awesome could it possibly be? Apple fans seem to love the Nest, but they are typically more concerned about the brand and the look than the useable functionality.

How much do you think you will save anyway? For me it is about comfort as much as savings. I want to be warm (or cool) when I am at home. I won't freeze in the dark worrying about my heating costs. But I don't want to heat or cool an empty house. Now that I have automated everything I don't often make use of the phone app, navigator on the TV or the PC app to adjust the temperature, because I never have to touch the thermostat. It just works. And if it is particularly cold or hot I can remotely access my system and adjust it before I leave for home and it is perfect when I arrive, no matter what time it is. I can even predict exit times based on other household events so that the temperature starts to go down 30 minutes before I'm likely to leave. etc.

There is a better way, but it involves more thoughtful and personalized integration, not just a shiny, pretty, expensive thermostat.

Just my experience.
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