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12-30-2012 | Posts: 3
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Hi, first post here.
There are plenty of TCP/IP over powerline adapters available;-Accessories.htm?websale7=conrad-int&ci=SHOP_AREA_17132_0415139

I have tried hard to find home automation products that use this technology, but have failed. This would have all the benefits of a wireless system (no extra wiring) without the downsides of wireless signals (plus, two-way communication would be easier).

So is there anything like this out there?

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Don't know of any. The market for automation components is already small. If you couple a product to powerline networking, it further limits it. The wireless systems have already been cost-optimized, I don't think we'll see much movement into powerline...
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12-30-2012 | Posts: 5,112
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What specifically are you trying to accomplish Henrik?
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01-17-2013 | Posts: 3
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So sorry for my late reply.

What I am trying to accomplish is basic on/off switching of lighting. Without the need for extra wiring, without the need for wireless signals. By using the power lines as a way of communicating.
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