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Originally Posted by SimpleTheater View Post

Wow. I just called HomeSeer. 3pm on a Saturday and no one is available (only a machine) and you can't leave a message. I might just be waiting for Apple to come out with a home control product. If they can't afford to put a sales person on support on a Saturday afternoon, they may not be financially viable going forward.
Our office is open Mon-Fri from 9-5 pm EST. You can also use the contact form on our website to contact us. We make 7 control solutions, of which only 2 are pure software. Our HomeTroller line features 4 embedded controllers. FYI

Our systems include a built-in webserver that allows home owners to connect directly to the system. Other companies usually offer a hosted solution for this. There are no monthly fees; only an "optional" service for DDNS (MyHomeSeer-Connect). This service is a convenience for anyone who does not wish to mess with free DDNS providers. We leave this up to the user.

If you have any specific questions or would like to talk to a rep directly, please don't hesiate to call or write.

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Why not just use an ISY home controller rather than the hub?
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Originally Posted by Naylia View Post

Why not just use an ISY home controller rather than the hub?

They are different. The HUB performs a function like the PLM. In fact, it may be possible to use ISY with the HUB instead of the PLM (maybe not implemented, but possible).

So the HUB and the PLM are gateways, ISY, Homeseer, Vera, etc.. are controllers.

The HUB is also a limited controller in of itself, but those features are optional.
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I'd be more concerned about replacing parts than being able to use the gateways (since we all agree that they work fine without access to their manufacturer). So choosing a long term company or protocol is important. I've read a lot of situations where people buy 20 - 40 switches for their home and several go bad over time. That's totally understandable. The important thing is to know that you can readily find replacements 2, 5, and even 10 years from now. Of course, no one can predict the future but I'd stick with companies/protocols that have been around for a while and probably won't be going anywhere. Z-wave and Insteon both look pretty good in this regard. There have been some newer protocols and kickstarter-type of things popping up lately, but I'd be cautious with them for a while.
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Originally Posted by replayrob View Post

I have the Vera2 controller from Micasa Verde- I have setup simple port forwarding on my router in case their web portal goes down- which it has several times in the last two years. It works perfect 100% of the time as the Vera2 has no idea I'm connecting from the outside world and presents it's internal web server page to me every time 100% perfect just as if I'm sitting at my desk at home 20' from the controller. I could care less at this point if Micasa goes out of business- my Vera2 will function perfectly fine without them- I just have to know the address of my cable modem and how to setup simple port forwarding.

I have a question on this, I have my Synology NAS server and I am forwarding ports to that server in order to access that through internet using DNS etc.
1. How can I have two DNS entries in to my router. I own a D-link DIR 655 and it has only one place to enter DNS entry.
2. Does Vera3 or some other controller needs to send anything on port 80? Because I am already using port 80 for Synology. I am getting confused about these issues.
3. How to make this secure such that no external attacks can impact security?

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Vera does use port 80, but it's not a problem because you direct the incoming port to a specific internal IP address and port.
For example:

So if I enter my home router's IP address and port as: I get connected with my internal address of on port 80 (which is Vera's GUI).

So if I enter my home router's IP address and port as: I get connected with my internal address of on port 80 (which is my front window webcam).
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Hey Simpletheatre,


I just got my 2242-222 insteon hub.  I agree with not trusting the cloud.  I have a Raspberry-Pi running raspbian linux.  I have complete control over my insteon hub and smartlinc switches with the raspberry pi.  I am using standard BASH scripts using curl to turn on, ramp on, turn off several switches. CRON is used as my scheduler.  Works great!  No reliance on Insteon SmartHome or any other paid product.





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